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  1. Hello, Yes, you definitely can do something to make it better!!! You are probably not getting amy strobe in those pictures. I used a Conon S50 for about ... 3-4 years adn I love it. I just upgraded to another compact underwater now but I still remember what you have to do. Here is how you should set your camera: - No red eye reduction - No preflash - Set your flash level at minimum - NEVER shoot at that high iso you are shooting. The small cameras are a joke for high ISO. YOu should set it to 50 and forget about ever setting it on something else. Now about your strobe. I am not familiar with that strobe of yours and I am not going to look it up right now. Is your strobe a slave strobe (so the light of the camera flash triggers the strobe), is is direct light or fiber optic. Does it have power levels? The mode that I shoot in is that I made a custom settiing on the camera and I use the Av mode as base with the flash always on and set to the lowest possible setting (I am shooting a DS50 slave strobe). In your pictures I am pretty sure that your camera flash starts to flicker for the red eye reduction adn the preflash adn then your strobe goes off and then the flash of the camera fires and the picture is exposed and the strobe doesn't have the time to get recharged. I hope this helps
  2. Hello, I have been searching for quite a while for an easy to use web slide show script. To probably everybody's surprise, I can't find one that I like. I am running my pictures off my personal web server and I have scripts that transform them and create the web pages. I would like a button/link that can be pushed by anybody and start a slide show of the pictures that are on the particular folder they are looking at Here are my requirements: - Free - Stand alone - no pbase, no flkr, no yahoo photos. I want to be able to install it and use it from my own web server. Even better I would like to not install it, just copy it on a web folder and use it. - Easy to use - I don't want a automated thing that will create the folders for me and then the script and then the links and then copy the pictures in its folders. I want something that lets me add pictures in a file and then goes through that file and displays them. The file can be any format, xml preferable - Decent looking - I can write my own java script with a button that parses an xml file and displays the pictures indicated in it but I want something that looks better - I don't want to use a photo management daemon like gallery - I don't want to use JAlbum. - I don't want all the pictures from the slideshow to be preloaded. What I found that almost suits me is Autoviewer from http://www.airtightinteractive.com/projects/autoviewer/ but they preload all the pictures before starting to display them and I don't like that. Can anybody suggest something? Thank you Vlad
  3. Good luck James! Hope it is not going to be *that* bad... Vlad
  4. Hello, Here are the pictures I took last weekend (27-28 Aug.) diving off Beaufort NC. We had pretty good conditions although the seas were a little bit rough. Beaufort 8.27.2005 Enjoy Vlad
  5. In my case, I did the dunk test with the camera in the case and everything was ok. I then attached the case to the strobe tray. The tray was from my last setup that was a Bonica strobe/tray. The tray had a removable piece that had two prongs that were sticing out and keeping the Bonica camera in place not alowing it to twist ... Well ... those two prongs were too tall for the Canon case so I bent it when I attached the case to the tray. Of course, since I did the dunk test before attaching the strobe I didn't bother checking it again and I flooded my camera in the camera bucket ... Sad but true. I agree with Simon about the insurance. For the low end cameras it is not worth it but ... as everybosy said ... flooding ... just a question of when and how severe... Vlad
  6. Damned, Did EVERYBODY flooded their S4x - S5x cameras in the Canon housing????!!! Yes, I did too and yes it was my fault. Now that I am using it right ... I love it. It is a great case if you maintain it well (silicone grease). The 30m rating ... well, if you are going to do this you are doing it at your own risk but you can take it deeper. I think I had it as deep as about 135 ft or so, definitely way pass 120 ft. I have it operatin at 120 ft all the time. Oh and ... it is cheap! Add a strobe to it and set it up right and you are going to get very nice shots. Vlad
  7. You photoshop them together ... didn't you!!! I tried to train mantas for all my life and I was able to make them roll over and stuff but not go in a single line .... Congratulation!!! GREAT shot Mike. Vlad
  8. Hello, I am with Mike on this one. I feel much better on scuba, diving with sharks and I believe you wouldn't have a problem snorkeling and taking some good pictures in the sea grass. ... and 5ft shark is not ... that big :-)) Looking forward for the juvenile sail fish pictures!!!! Vlad
  9. Hello, Well ... I am an ingineer and I have to say ... I don't think a standard will hapen. All the companies want you to buy their cables for $50 - $100 not for $2.99 from Radio Shack... Just look at all the standards that have been created .... Why do we have so many standards for cell phones, why do we have different batteries for evry (damned) laptop, why do we have more serial protocols that I can name, ... standards are a great thing but they are never going to be respected by everybody. How many wires we need on the cable ... well ... Is everything digital? I think so. Than we need 2 wires, ground and signal. Even better why do we need wires? Infrared is a good solution or if you are thinking that the sun can get in the way and saturate your receiver why not radio. If the wireless pressure sensors work for dive computers, why not something like that for camera strobe communication? How fast should the communication be? I don't know but I don't think the ammount of data that has to be transmitted is that big so I don't see any problem there. So ... let's build one. Vlad
  10. Adam, Lights would help and the best one I tried would be something without a spot (like LED flashlight) because yes, you will see it in the picture. Try to build your self some difuser for the light. Viz'art's idea is great. I have a Bonica strobe, probably one of the first ones they had, no settings, no power level just a photo sensor but it worked damn good until I got my Ikelite strobe. Other ideas ... don't use a strobe and if you are not too deep you can still get colors to show if you do some digital processing of the pictures after you get them on your computer. Good luck. Vlad
  11. Hello, Here are a few answers The marine snow is called backscatter and it is a very big problem. Of course if the water is crystal clear than it is better. You can reduce this by using an external strobe. If you don't have an external strobe, don't use your flash for subjects that are further than 3-4ft. For the rest shoot without a flash and use photo software to do color corection after that on your computer. What settings should you use ... Well, I would start with P mode (to be able to disable the flash) and probably setting the white balance to clowdy woudl be good. The big guys shoot in full manual. I use Av mode and set my aperture to about middle of the road. You want a exposure of not less that 1/60 if you shoot something that even remotely fast ... like fish :-) For effects, movement of course you can go slower thatn that. ... But you know all this since you are a top side photographer! Play with your camera and the settings, you will find what works best for you. Oh, a few more things ... I would set the focus mode to center and disable red eye reduction. Enjoy and I want to see some pictures after you come back. Vlad
  12. Hello, SSI has one of the chapters in the book about marine life and preservation. I think it is a good idea too to teach the new divers about how slow the coral grows and how to preserve it. Vlad
  13. Andre, This is REALLY bad if your computers don't sync back. That is bad firmware... In this case I would agree with you that you need to change the computer. I think the new Aladdins work OK with strobes but I am not 100% sure. Vlad
  14. Hello, If the marine pack is the heavy ziplock thingy ... don't do it. If it is a real housing, if you shoot without a strobe, don't use the flash. That's about it. And of course you need to correct the colors on your computer after that. You coult use a red filter but as I said, you can't show anybody pictures without touching them on the computer to rebalance the colors, gama, contrast. Vlad
  15. Now hang on!!! It is not THAT bad. Probably you know when the strobe puts out the flash it also puts out a masive radio discharge. Sort of like when you drive through a thunderstorm and you are listening to the radio and you hear hisses and noises. The radio, being analogue makes you hear the hisses but since your computer to tank transmitter connection is digital (well, of course the radio stuff is analogue but that's just the phisical layer in the architecture model .... OK ... I'll stop now!) and there is a protocol that has to be follow. Just imagine you are talking to me and you say "Hello" and I say back to you "Hello". hat's how your computer and the transmitter talk. Computer says give me your readings and the transmitter sends the data. Welllll, just imagine that this data is corupted by your strobe, ... that's when the computer (thank you CRC and checksum calculations!) is not displaying partial understood data packets. ... That's why it doesn't displays anyhting. So, don't wory about it. It is going to re sync. Let me know if you need more explanations Vlad
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