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  1. Hello, What are the best techniques you have used for: 1) Acclimating your case prior to a dive? (i.e.-open in a dry environment, closed in a humid environment, inside vs. outside, etc...) 2) Using anti-fog solution like you would put in your dive mask? (i.e.-other options, how much, etc...) Thank you, Adam
  2. Thanks for the replies...good information. I checked on the Bonica Neon III Strobe. $300 at LeisurePro...still too much for me to justify. If I dove more, then it wouldn't even be a question. In fact, I'd probably shell out more and get a full up SLR system. For now, it sounds like my best option is to try and diffuse my dive lights. I have Underwater Kinetics lights...non LED. Any suggestions for a home made diffuser? Thanks again, Adam
  3. Hello, I posted in the beginner's forum without a single response, so I figured I'd give this one a try. I will be getting a WP-DC800 housing for my S400 Digital Elph soon and plan on taking the combination to Australia. While I'm willing to pay some more money for things like silica gel bags (Moisture Munchers), it doesn't make sense (for me) to spend almost as much on a strobe as the camera itself (just because I don't dive much). So, are there cheap alternatives to a strobe? Would a strong underwater light do the trick or would it not diffuse enough - leaving a spotlit area on the subject? Even that may be preferable to the interal flash or no light at all. I'm just fishing for ideas here. Oh, and any other affordable (read <$100 total) accessory suggestions would be much appreciated also. Thanks for reading, Adam
  4. Hello, This is my first post here at wetpixel. I will be getting a WP-DC800 case for my Canon S400 Digital Elph soon. Could you all suggest some accesories that would make this point and shoot camera even better at underwater pictures? For example, I plan on getting some moisture munchers to reduce/eliminate fog on the case and lense. I've already seen posts about the cheapest strobe options like the Sea and Sea YS-25 Auto, but don't plan on spending that much money. Thank you, Adam
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