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  1. MDX-7D housing for canon 7D (mark I) optical viewfinder: Optical Viewfinder 0.5x equipped with vacuum leak sentinel (version with electronics inside the housing) + for tokina 10-17: NX Compact Dome Port = 56601 (small dome, no scratches) SX Extension Ring = 50261 Canon zoom ring EF16-35mm F2.8L USM (for Tokina AT-X 107 DX Fisheye 10-17mm F3.5-4.5) + for Canon EF-S Macro 60mm F2.8: NX Compact Macro Port Base = 56201 Compact Macro Port S Port = 56211 + SAGADIVE Macro Canon EF 100 mm F2.8 port in Delrin + SAGA lens holder (gives with a Canon EF Macro 100 mm focus ring printed in 3d) + 1 complete set of orings + circlips for all the buttons on the housings + several seals for ports and domes price = 900 euros optional for the buyer of the housing : large dome (no scratches): 300 euros 45 ┬░ VF45 1.2x viewfinder: 400 euros canon 7D mk I case (18 M pixels): 250 euros tokina 10-17: 200 euros (no separate sale of options for the moment)
  2. package weight is 600 grams, and the price of delivery is 27 euros by postal services, i think the best for the purchase is Paypal if you want...
  3. Hi Blibecap, I have this lens holder : http://sagadive.com/en/tienda/soporte-abatible-simple-saga/ but I keep it for my new housing which needed another macro port compatible (sea&sea MDX-7D) you can see my macro port here : http://sagadive.com/en/tienda/frontales-planos-delrin/ mine is in very good condition (more photos if you want) /Sybouch
  4. this is a Sagadive port made for Canon ef 100 mm this port is mounted directly on the housing without additional extension ring (replacing the RDX Port Base S + Compact Macro Port 111) it is made of Delrin (very light and durable) the lens holder Sagadive fit perfectly and the lens is closer to the lens wet perfect condition, no scratches on the glass, some unavoidable traces at the lens holder price: 110 euros (on the right of the second pictures)
  5. I have since 2010, I'm doing 40 dives per year, I bought Sagadive in spain, all orings have been replaced for less than 1 year, I kept the old orings for the buyer I have new orings for the housing and ports the housing is polycarbonate, so it does not rust, it is lighter it is in very good condition, no hits it was never flooded here is my flickr, all sub photos were made with this housing : https://www.flickr.com/photos/stdwz/albums I'll put more photos of the housing if you want... regards St├ęphane
  6. hi Tryger, I try to offer a complete configuration, ready to dive (missing only the camera lenses) so I do not sell separately for now ... sorry !
  7. sea and sea RDX-450D (suitable for canon 450D or 500D) in excellent condition + viewfinder Inon (excellent condition, no scratch) + Ultralight tray with 2 handles Ultralight + macro port Sagadive in delrin for ef 100mm (no scratch) + port adapter RDX port baseL (for NX dome) + dome NX compact 56601 + neopren protection (no scratch visible on photos) + standard port for 18-55 and efs 60 mm macro (new condition) + zoom gear for 18-55 (new condition) + zoom gear for tokina 10-17 + canon 500D, 15 Megapixels (probably between 5000 ou 6000 shots, only use for underwater and some terrestrial macro shots, excellent condition, no scratch on LCD) + 2 canon batteries + 1 charger + new orings for housing + dome + macro ports + adapters all in excellent condition ! 1700 euros
  8. hi Enzo, what is your "Sea&Sea Handle for housing" ? thanks
  9. hi, I'm interested in your housing, have you sold it ? thanks
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