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  1. Currently I still shoot with the the 14-42 kit lens, but I do plan on getting the 9-18. So was looking at something that will enhance the kit lens and the 9-18 later on
  2. Does anyone have any comments or real world experience with AOI Ports? They are apparently the OEM for all Olympus underwater housings, ports etc that bare the logo. They offer a number of selections from aluminum/glass - plastic/glass - aluminum/acrylic - plastic/acrylic body/dome setups for the PEN housings. I am still looking for a port for my EPL3/PT-05L combo and while there is the Zen dome out there, these ports look like a decent contender and offer a wide range of lens options. DLP-03P Underwater Glass Semi-Dome Port for Olympus PEN HousingCompatible Lenses: Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 EZ Olympus M.Zuiko 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II R Olympus M.Zuiko ED 9-18mm f//4.0-5.6 Olympus M.Zuiko 12mm f/2.0 Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f/1.8 & f/2.8 Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.8 Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8 Olympus M.Zuiko ED 60mm f/2.8 Macro Olympus M.Zuiko 75mm f/1. See some sites that offer them, details are limited sadly http://oceanleisurecameras.com/aoi-dlp-03p-glass-semi-dome-port-for-pen-housings http://www.backscatter.com/sku/aoi-dlp-03.lasso https://www.opticaloceansales.com/aoi-dlp-03p-underwater-glass-semi-dome-port-for-olympus-pen-housing.html Suggestions? Ideas? Comments?
  3. Well, I had my first trip with the UFL-3s. Got some decent shots with them. Using both the RC as well as the manual setting. Less successful in manual, but I am sure that is user error :-) Here are some untouched pics, straight from the camera from last week in Curacao
  4. the WWL looks nice, but damn that is a lot of coin :-(
  5. thank you. then in order to go wider, is there another dome or wide angle lens suggested as an alternative?
  6. anyone? no comments? no suggestions? no reviews?
  7. I used the Pro6+ for video with very good results. It also has multiple levels, red and UV so you can use it as a video light as well as a focus light. And if you are interested in picking one up, let me know, I have one for sale for a very good price
  8. I am shooting with an Olympus EPL-3 in the Oly PT-EP05L housing using the 14-42 kit lens. Most of my diving is in the great lakes, so lots of wide angle/wrecks or the Caribbean for macro/wide shots. I have been wanting to get wider, but I am not quite sure what my best options is. Currently there are a number of possibilities out there for going wide 1. Olympus Wide-angle Conversion Lens PTWC-01 (67mm wet mount) 2. Inon UWL-H100 T2 wide angle lens (67mm wet mount) 3. Inon UWL-H100 T2 wide angle lens with add on Inon dome 4. Replacing the dome port with a Zen WA-100-PE (sticking with the 14-42mm lens) - loosing the macro add on lens options 5. Replacing the dome port with a Zen WA-100-PE (upgrading to the 9-18mm lens) - loosing the macro add on lens options So, based on the above, what would yield the best results? Add on wide angle or Zen dome (with kit lens for now, and later adding 9-18). How does the macro shooting work with a permanent dome? Suggestions please
  9. I just got 2 UFL-3s the other day, from the results on land, they seem to work well with the RC mode enabled on the camera, I can adjust and set the different channels (RCA/RCB) on the camera and shooting into a mirror I do see the strobes gong off at different levels. Also played with actual subject shooting and was able to adjust the strobes to provide shadows. I will be able to give you better real world results after my Curacao trip in January
  10. I'd be interested in the Zen WA-100-EP dome if you still have it.
  11. Take advantage of the weak Canadian dollar, current retail in the US is from $399USD to $599USD that is $540CDN to $810CDN for the light alone. This also includes a 3rd battery ($25USD) for the low-low price of $475CDN. Perfect light for goPro users or as a video light to compliment your current setup. AND it makes a perfect stocking stuffer.
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