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  1. Havent sold this yet , please contact me on hamiltonunderwater@gmail.com if interested.
  2. Canon 5D Mark II with Aquatica Housing for underwater photography with extras Includes: -Canon Mark 2 -Aquatica digital Housing -Aquatica digital extension ring with focus knob -Ultrasonic EF 17-40mm f/4L USM -Aquatica Zoom Gear for Canon 16-35 f/2.8L & 17-40 f/4 Lens - 4 series -Aquatica digital AF macro port -8” Acrylic Dome Port -Vaccum System and Pump Everything is in very good state Bought new, only 1 owner (professional photographer) Buyer pays for shipping if necessary. Based in South West London, let me know if you would like to come have a look.
  3. Hi there, Im London based but might care on some of your equipment , could you please contact me on direct email to hamiltonunderwater@gmail.com ? regards, Philip
  4. hi , what about the canon 16-35 f/2.8 II lens for sale what price please .... the Canon EF 16-35 mm f/2.8 L II USM , how old is it please, I imagine it is immaculate ?
  5. Camera Olympus SP 320 ( used to be USD 300 new) , with Housing PT030 ( with 2 O rings extra) , Wide angle lens Epoque DCL 20 0,56X Wide Conversion ( new it is 180 GBP ) 1 Epoque strobe ES150DS 1 Fiber optic cable ( new is 44 GBP ) 1 diffuser ( New 12 GBP ) Instruction Manuals Arm ( New 16 GBP ) 2 base , for 1 or 2 arms nothing wrong with it , only used it long ago for little time before I switched to SLR , I had it stored. info could be find below http://www.epoque-japan.com/e-digitalacc.htm http://www.camerasunderwater.co.uk/lighting/flash/epok http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/SP320/SP320A.HTM http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/400761-REG/Olympus_202021_PT_030_Underwater_Housing.html http://www.epoque-japan.com/e-digitalstrobe.htm GBP 130 for the entire set net ( will ship outside UK but cost to buyer )
  6. I have for sale , a full CanonG10 system that I haven't used in long time, has 40 dives, never flood or accident, very good condition. Good video,and manual op. Perfect for intermediate divers/photographers that want to migrate overtime towards a full (an expensive) DLSR system. Make an offer above USD 500 ( net of shipping ) , havent bought or sold online before, I'm not a dealer either, so can't tell the fair price, but what I know is that USD 500 is a very cheap price and should sell right away. I can ship from London. write me to philipnicholashamilton@gmail.com Canon PowerShot G10 14.7MP Digital Camera - 5x Optical Zoom, 3 inch PureColor LCD II ViewfinderIKELITE housing. Wide angle Conversion lens/dome. Arm , double and single tray ,finer optic cable, and Epoque ES230 DS Strobe ( http://www.camerasunderwater.co.uk/lighting/flash/epok) extra battery for camera. new prices are , 200 usd for camera, 1,000 usd for housing, 300 usd for wide-angle lens, 300 usd for strobe= usd 1,800 Please make offers above USD 500 ( net of shipping costs)
  7. Hi , I have bought a new Aquatica housing on sale hence I'm selling my Ikelite Housing and the ports, ( I use 17-40mm , 8-15 Fisheye, 100 mm 2.8 ) , you can use those lenses and other with the dome 8" and the Macro port. They have little use, 60 dives approx. never flooded or accidents. I'm in London , UK, but could ship abroad. I have no sense of the price for the package since I'm not a dealer and have never sold or bought online. Ref prices are below. So feel free to make an offer. New price at Backscatter are : Ikelite housing for Canon 5D Mark II, USD 1,800 Dome 8" USD400 ( with sleeves for 8-15 and 17-40 mm) Flat Port w/ focus USD 200+ 175 USD + focal extension usd 175 for Canon 100 1:2.8L EF Macro USM ​Please write me directly to philipnicholashamilton@gmail.com
  8. Best 2015 wishes from London , UK. I'm Philip Hamilton ( www.hamiltonunderwater.com) started diving 25 years ago and started photography 8 years ago. I use a 5D MarkII , and I'm just moving from Ikelite housing to Aquatica.. keeping my 161 ikelite Strobes. I travel a couple of times a year for diving, primarily on a liveaborad. Next Trip Cocos March 8th. Really looking fwd. best , PH
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