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  1. I have two Seacam housings for sale. One for the D2X and one for the D700. Both housings are in excellent condition. Both are without ports of viewfinder. Please contact me at andre@elysia.nl if you are interested. I can send pictures of the housings on request.
  2. I have completely replaced my old website last weekend. You can now find all my portfolio's: Antarctica, Tasmania, Mozambique, Arctic Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan a lot of Asian stuff and more on: http://www.elysia.nl All images can be shown in large. The previous site showed them much to small. I also added a new "In the press" area with over 150 publications that I had in the last few years.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I will check it out. I have rented a camper van for two weeks. That makes it easier to get around and it's a good place to put my one year old twin girls in :-).
  4. I am planning a trip to Florida early next year (beginning of March). I want to visit the Manatees and other interesting dive/snorkel destinations in Florida. Normally Google is my friend, but now I find it very difficult to find the right dive centers that can help me with this trip. I am interested in at least the following: Cavern diving Other fresh water diving possibilities Diving at the Keys At least some of you, active on Wetpixel, should live in Florida. Can anyone of you help me with this?
  5. Just sold my 16mm and got a Sigma 15mm. Problem solved, I hope.
  6. Understandable. I have a D700 including the 14-24 and 16-35. That camera is so good. My only regret is that I didn't get a housing for it earlier. I still remember your and Alex's comments when the D3 was introduced. Look at what Alex is using now . I am witching to full-frame. I am really impressed by the wide-angle performance of my new lenses on the D700. I am ready for the D800 with these lenses. Let's hope Nikon will introduce a fish eye zoom similar to what Canon has introduced. The D2x can stay as macro rig; and I am planning to do as little macro as possible the next few year.
  7. Do you still remember the moment that you got the D2x out of its box? Now even a D7000 consumer camera is better in every aspect (except for the viewfinder).
  8. Wow Cor, that is too much credit for the D2X. I am not using mine above ISO 160. Don't get me wrong; it's a great camera. But I am only using it between 100-160 ISO. It will at leat take another year before a housing will be on the market. I have decided to get a D700 housing and sell it as soon as the D800 housing is on the market. My Next years' projects need a high ISO camera.
  9. Hmm Photoshop is not a good way to do this. You could use Photoshop, but then you should upsample in several smaller steps. Get QImage. Cheap and very, very good. I use it for all my large prints.
  10. Hi Stephen, I use a server at home with a Raid 5 disk array (actually two arrays). Raid is not a form of backup. It just gives me more reliability when a disk crashes. I can then rebuild the array based on what is on the other disks. Another advantage of a raid array is that you can create enormously large storage folders. Don't use software Raid. I have had bad experiences with that. Get a proper raid controller if you choose to go this way I have two full backups of this server. One of these backups is off-site. Regards, Andre Crone
  11. I own a large format 24" Epson printer. I cannot tell the difference between a good jpeg and a tiff. I use tiff as my intermediate format in Photoshop. It's no problem to send a jpeg to the printer; especially when the file is already converted to the color space of the printer.
  12. I got myself a 16-35mm yesterday (besides my 14-24). I have high hopes for this lens. I believe it will perform very good behind a dome because of the small front glass. Seacam told me to use a 70mm extension ring. They do offer a gear for the 16-25 too. I am sure Subal will offer the same.
  13. I have tried the 16-35 today (not underwater though). It looks great. The lens is a bit long because of the VR. I have very high hopes that this lens will perform better then the 14-24 underwater. The 16-35 has a small front lens similar to that of the 12-24. This could be the lens that makes me switch to FX.
  14. I just put my new website online: http://www.earthillustrated.com. The site is for wildlife photographers and travelers. We want to publish both diving and topside stories. But for now we have put some diving articles online.
  15. I have updated my website and have added some of my Sudan and Sipadan images. You can find them on my website www.elysia.nl
  16. I have updated my site and have added Saudi Arabia and Tasmania; hope you like them. I will post Sudan and Sipadan soon also. You can find my site at: www.elysia.nl Regards, Andre Crone
  17. I thought it's around 17kg with carbon tanks. Is Paul still active in this thread?
  18. I own the titanium (mini) version and it's great. Not too heavy at all and suitable for traveling.
  19. I recently switched from an Inspiration rebreather to the rEvo. Finally a small unit that can be handled while I take my camera with me. I believe the Sentinel is too big and too heavy. I don't see any point in getting a Sentinel and not the rEvo. The Sentinel is new and has not proven to be a stable platform for photographers yet. Get the rEvo. I don't like the over the shoulder lungs of the Evolution or the Inspiration. That was maybe my main issue to switch over. I just installed the Shearwater Pursuit computer on my unit (well Paul dit that). It's connected with three cells, so I have another PPO2 display. I have decided not to move to the fully eCCR package right now because I want to learn how the handle the rEvo manually. The solenoid will be added next year. I will hopefully do my first story in the Red Sea later this year on the rEvo.
  20. Got my rEvo rebreather last week. What a relieve. I finally have found my rebreather that makes it possible to combine it with my D2x. I hope to do my first deep story in the Red Sea soon. Imagine diving deep with long bottom times and no bubbles.
  21. The only thing I regret about my recent switch to Apple is that I should have done that years earlier. I don't miss anyting from my Windows past.
  22. I have the 11-16 and the 35 macro from Tokina. I will post my initial tests soon on my blog.
  23. I just updated my website and have added some of my Maldives images. You can find then on: http//:www.elysia.nl
  24. I have been thinking of writing a review of the Seacam 250TTL strobe for months. I have finally be able to write is up. I wanted to see if the TTL from the Seacam was comparable with the SB800 strobe from Nikon. I also wanted to show the wide angle performance of the Strobe. You can find my extensive review here: http://www.elysia.nl/blog/?p=22
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