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  1. FS Ikelite DS50 Digital Package (new) $395, DS125 only (new) $550 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ikelite DS-50 SubStrobe #3944.40 Digital Package includes: #4100.5 TTL Slave Sensor #4044 DS-50 SubStrobe #4075.1 Strobe Arm system Item is brand new, unused with manual and warranty card in box. List price $500, B&H price $425, my price $395 plus shipping and insurance, shipped from California, USA. Ikelite DS-125 SubStrobe #4065 SubStrobe head with diffuser only Item is brand new, unused with manual and warranty card in box. Will also include regular charger (not Smart charger). List price $700, B&H price $595, my price $550 plus shipping and insurance, shipped from San Francisco, CA. Note for iTTL users: This strobe has a serial number between 2,500 and 4,999, so requires update. Information from Ikelite web site: DS-125 SubStrobes with Serial Number between 2,500 and 4,999 require a $75 update to operate with the latest iTTL conversion circuitry. These items were my personal backup spares that I never got around to using. Please send e-mail to matt@marscuba.com
  2. If you would like to book a trip for Rod's digital workshop, you'd better do it quick because space is running out fast. Cayman August 21-28 trip $2345 only 2 spots available Cayman August 28-September 4 trip $2345 only 6 spots available I book Aggressor trips and can offer Wetpixel members a $50 discount. Please e-mail me for further details. Thanks,
  3. Thanks for the responses. I'm drawing to the D100 for its features, but the D70 looks appealing with its slower shutter lag and faster write times. The point of buying the latest technology or model is well taken, but as we know, the housings aren't available until a few months after the full release of the camera model. But the price point of the D70 is appealing... James, is your next camera the S3?
  4. I'd like to see an intelligent discussion of the D100 vs. the D70 for underwater use. Now, before James starts touting the S2, I would like to restrict it to these two Nikon models only... It seems that the D70 has additional features and better specs over the D100, now what would the reasons to buy the D100 over the D70 be?
  5. There's no pick included with the PT-005, but you can use a thin plastic card or similar. URL to instructions page has been provided by Jola, thanks. If you need any further help or instructions, please feel free to e-mail directly. Best of luck,
  6. I think that the 10X zoom would be absolutely wonderful for surfing photography, birding, etc. I'm thinking of getting it to use for stage photography. Why won't your insurance pay? What company's policy do you have?
  7. The Japanese language menu thing is probably done by Olympus to discourage gray market sales. For Nikon cameras (and Canon, I think), you can switch to English language menus. John, you know nothing about photography but have 3 different cameras and housings?!?
  8. Don't forget Ned DeLoach is one of the authors! I got Paul Humann and Ned to sign my book at DEMA. It's really good to have an update, Allen and Steene's Indo-Pacific book was getting long in the tooth.
  9. Try travelling with a cannister light. Battery packs come under close scrutiny due to their profile and chemical characteristics that cause screeners to be extra careful. My vote goes for a Pelican case but I normally throw my camera in housing and strobe in a backpack wrapped in a towel.
  10. Just remember that all Olympus cameras have Japanese language menus that cannot be changed except by their authorized service facilities. I would spend the money on a better strobe seeing as you already have the 5050. Cheers,
  11. Look for me without the mask in the Inon booth on Wednesday morning. If I'm not there, ask Mark where I am. No cell phone, but would like to coordinate dinner one evening if possible with whoever is around.
  12. Thanks, Jeff, let's get together at DEMA to discuss. I'm still trying to figure out a way to regulate a pool environment so that all the factors are controlled (ambient light, water clarity, etc.)
  13. E-mail Tom at Marine Camera, they are site sponsors: D60 Web page Probably won't get an answer for a week or so since I'll be drinking beer with him at DEMA next week. I am also sure that several people from Belize will be at DEMA so if you could get the purchase together within the week one of them could hand carry it back for you... Good luck,
  14. The only downside is the use of the strobe above water to show comparison shots. Now, if those could be tested in a pool with the appropriate equipment...
  15. You could probably make your own using neoprene from scraps (big pieces) or by cutting up an old wetsuit, maybe the leg portion. Make sure to cut drain holes. Or, you could do it the easy way like Mike said, just get the cover that Inon makes. Have fun,
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