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  1. Regarding Petr's D70 sometimes refusing to let him take a picture with the strobes on. I have had a similar problem, and found that pressing the AE-lock button brings the camera back to life.
  2. The problem was caused by a defective cord. Ikelite found the cord had water damage at one end. Replacement in hand, I'm on the way to Bali now. Thanks for your help, and thanks to ikelite for being so quick at finding the problem
  3. If you use a mounted LED light do you not find it's beam is visible in your photos?
  4. Yes, it is Peter (I think!) - I've tried it with two strobes, both with serial numbers greater than 5000 with the MOD-NC sticker Ikelite have asked me to return the converted housing so they can take a look. They've never had this problem before... guess I'm just a bit unlucky Thanks anyway (and thanks for your website - a goldmine of D70 underwater information!) Robin
  5. The excellent Ikelite have upgraded my veteran D70 housing with the new iTTL conversion circuit - just in time for me to fly out to Bali next week.... but I have two problems: 1. Sometimes the camera will not take a photo when the shutter is depressed if the strobe is turned on. Once in this state, switching the camera off and on fixes the problem 2. When the controller is in TTL mode, the flash is not syncing with the camera. It fires, but does not light the photo at all Has anyone else had such problems? I guess I am doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what... The strobe is set to TTL, connected with a 4103.51 cable with the blue band at one end, and the conversion circuit is set to DS-125 (although it behaves the same when set to DS-50) I'd love to sort this out before flying halfway around the world!
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