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  1. Please send contact details if anybody has. Been a few years since I been chasing gear but need a few pieces. All help appreciated Thanks Paul pasuther AT eclipse.net
  2. I have as well. Twice... I put one down to glitch but they have obviously found a way in.. Not disgusted - Fascinated they can find a way in - BUT security issue should should be fixed sooner than later.
  3. Hi, May be of interest. I have another available as well, if interested. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120319724775 Best Paul
  4. I am bit of a lurker here on WetPixel but let me jump here, if I may, and ask what effect you are looking for using a TC with a super wide? What am I missing? Something obvious I am sure - suffering age driven myopia. Thanks Paul
  5. Hello all, More classics placed on Ebay which may be of interest....... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120316323200 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120316336133 Thanks for looking Paul
  6. Thought this might be of interest. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120314294629 Thanks Paul
  7. Hi, Just placed a used (in good condition) lightly used Sun Ray HID light (single) system on ebay. Thought some of you video shooters might be interested. Have a look : http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120314348236 Thanks Paul
  8. Hi, I recently placed a Nexus F100 housing on Ebay. Some of the film shooters may be interested. Thanks
  9. Hi Marli, You are right it probably is a small run, low volume usage, but to ask the magazine if they have a set scale would be like walking into a store and having them ask you what you want to pay for a product except in this case we are talking about the right to use the image. It doesn't happen. They tell you whatr you are going to pay. When a magazine goes to Getty they don't tell Getty what they will pay (all other things being equal)> Getty breaks the usage rights down to their most basic single usage and charges for every little bit of use the client is to get from the picture. With all do respect, don't you think a photographer should set his/her own rates and negotiate from there. Find you what usage rights the client wants (all of them, exactly) and then open the negotiation. Why give them the advantage by asking what they will pay when we all know very well what they will want to pay will not be what the image is worth? No matter what sort of image is being licensed. Best Paul
  10. Good for you. Have you registered the image with the Library of Congress? © it now - its easy. Be sure you pull together a strong license agreement. Looking at my past experience (and software) for one-time, non-exclusive, print only, USA only, English only, 10k-25k print run you are in a range of 400 - 1200. Seriously. This plays out in what type of magazine it is. If it "Platinum - Gifts for Billionaires" then you'll get the 1200.00 but it sounds like your Mag. is science/conservation oriented. You'll be back at the other end I am afraid. Above all else whatever fee you accept is up to you (what you ard comfortable with) but cover you long-term butt, don't give away the farm by not using a acrefully worded licenses argreement stating exactly what usage rights the editor is licensing the payment and put "Only". Also put: " No rights are granted until License/Invoice is paid in full. Publication of images without full payment constitutes a violation of copyright." Good luck. Paul
  11. Luiz, Couple of thoughts: I urge to think about this - "client wanting to buy a few of my photos to be printed in tile". They are not BUYING the photos they are LICENSING the rights to USE the photos. Get in the habit of using LICENSING. Using BUYING leads to the idea that they own the image which then leads to the idea that what they paid allows them to do what they want with the image and THAT is NOT what you have in mind. Each image is unique - don't believe you have 10,000 commidities in your images library - customers will try and convince you all anemones are alike and we know they are alike in one way (all anemones) but yours must some unique quality if the client is talking to you. Hard part is to keep them talking to you and get the price as high as can - capitalize on as much of what is special about your photos. So you should not!!!! - "I decided to charge a little less than what I would for a large size print (since he will be paing for the actual printing). Do you think this is reasonable?" - You should charge what you can for the usage - AS much as you can for the usage. This not an editorial usage it is worth significantly more! Also, if I were you I would insist, you may have thought of this, that a small copyright mark with your Logo (your initials maybe) should be attached to one corner (very small) but it should be there. Protect your ©. This should be stated in the license agreement. All he is doing is licensing the use rights - he has to pay to print, stamp, paint etc...the image as long as he does not exceed your term of license (term, usage etc..) Each time you send files or images anywhere a document should go with them (Delivery Memo or License Agreement) IN your case below you defnitely need access to contracts and pricing software. I use fotobiz. If you wish to license or even just track clients/contacts and invoices for whatever (it is designed for the independent photographer) this software will pay for itself in time saved in the first use and then financially after a couple of nice licesning deals (http://www.fotobiz.net/). "I will provide full resolution files, where can I get a single-use contract for him to sign?" Licensing rates are all over the place as well so the prices you see on fotobiz ( and all other software and all the pro websites) are just starting points. The secret is in understanding the client, the true need, and their budget (whether you can get a $ figure or not). Often I find people expect to use the image for next to nothing - film producers budget almost nothing to license still photography for advertising etc... I am sorry I don't have single quick site to send you to get documents but I would expect the cost of software would be no more than 25% -30% of this license, probably less - off the top of my head based on what I would charge to license the one-time, non-exclusive rights for this usage. Feel free to get back to me off list if you wish. Oh, I have no affiliation with fotobiz other than being a long time satisfied user. Hope this helps. Best Paul
  12. I have a Sony PC 350 HandyCam & Ike housing available for sale. I am not using them. Didn't work out for the project they were purchased for. They are virtually brand new. Lots of extras for the camera. Anybody have any interest please drop me a line. Thanks Paul
  13. Hi, Sure, be glad to help. You will have no idea who I am so visit www.sutherlandimages.com . I'll be glad to help. Send me your rules/regs and expectations and all submittals (5X7 @ 150ppi - no more) and we should be set. Get back to me if you need further info. or help. Paul
  14. Dear Peter, While the photographer in this case appears to have signed away copyright (a mistake at best), in most cases press releases photos are not copyright free for uses other than the press release - the image needs to stay in form with the text. Your use of the image is a secondary use and different from the press release. Splitting hairs maybe but that is what a lawyer will do and faster than I was able to. So whatever we think of the Photog. and his approach to the world and business, this is something a quick call to Sea Sheperd would have prevented, BEFORE, the picture was used. By the way Peter, did the release form from Sea Sheperd note that copyright was held only by Sea Sheperd or that it was shared? That may be an angle you will see next from your friend down under. Now how can we sink the Japanese whaling fleet? Paul
  15. Don't underestimate the strength of the PBs. I have taken a 17" all over the Southern Hemisphere for the last two years. It has taken a beating. I even dropped it off a table in a hotel in the Falkland Islands. When it fell it landed flat on one of the table legs bending ad denting the underside and keeping the top sides from closing properly. But it still works fine, in fact I am wiriting this on it right now. If I could do it again though I get the 12" PB. They small and have the memory and power to handle all the image proceesing tasks you might have to carry out in the field. I am sure you'll be happy which ever way you go.
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