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  1. How much for everything except the camera?
  2. 1. Fuji F810 Camera: 347-416 Housing: 270 2. Sony V3 Camera: 530-600 Housing: 510 3. Nikon 8400 Camera: 699-799 Housing: 629 4. Oly 5050 (quit old but still great camera) Camera: Couldn't find Housing: Couldn't Find 5. Sea&Sea DX8000G Camera/Housing: 1,024.95 *sigh* For the cost of some of these cameras I can pick up a used /new rebel for about 600$ and throw a cheap lense on and still get the advantage of fat pixels. Believe me, as soon as I get the photos working you'll see'em My underwater mom just popped, so I'll have to find another friend that's pregnant when I get this setup.
  3. Thank you very much for the tips- I was looking for something with nice fat pixels to cut my noise, so I'll take a look at that pair of Canon's. Seriously, most of my work would be of underwater women so I won't have to swim too far. I figure this is a great way to add an exotic photo op and a way of distinguishing myself from everyon else. Barring that, it'll be a heck of alot more fun on the next trip Any other ideas, keep them comin! Jason
  4. Hello- After a few unsuccessful google searches (ya'll hiding out here?) I've found this site and would like to pose the situation: I have several $K invested in digital SLR gear. I'd like to be able to shoot underwater for some shots but can not justify the cash expenditure towards buying a 2K$ housing for my 10D (not to mention the increased risk of losing the camera). Therefore I'm looking for a: 1) Good P&S, low noise, good battery life that can be placed in a... 2) Good UW housing that is ... 3) Competitvely priced. Ideally said camera would take CF cards since I have about 15 gb of them laying around. Most of my work would be inside of pools and shallow water- more modeling opportunities there. I found digiweb as a source of housings but I had to go thru each housing to find it's cost, then look up the camera- there has to be a simpler way of searching, especially since I'm not tied to any particular camera/setup (other than CF cards, and even that isn't that big of a deal if I have to purchase an additional card). Suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you very much, Jason Hirsch
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