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  1. If it's glass, and the marks look milky/whitish, it could be corrosion. If so, I'm checking out a couple of products that could help. More soon on this...
  2. I have the FP, WP and SD. I've never used the fisheye lenses with the WP, as I was worried about vignetting. I've used fisheye lenses with the FP, and images are fine. Don't have them next to me right now, but the FP doesn't seem very much larger than the WP. It looks to be about the same diameter, but a bit deeper. It would be seem like a good alternative to the SD if you want to travel light...
  3. Seacam housing for Nikon D100 for sale: * Good condition, fully functional, never flooded * A few scratches on handles and body, consistent with regular use, but nothing that affects the function of the housing * Comes with Pro Viewfinder and metal handles (not the plastic ones) * Comes with optional leak detector * Fitted with two Nikonos 5 connectors * Ports and camera NOT included Item is in Singapore and weighs about 3kg. Can arrange collection or will post anywhere. Fedex or DHL preferred for security/safety. Approximate cost for this to the USA will be about US$100. You can find approximate cost by going to the Fedex or DHL websites. Looking for $2,000 or other reasonable offer. Send me a PM! Will perform full servicing and pressure testing with local Seacam representative free-of-charge before shipping, if requested by buyer!
  4. Nice catch. I'm not sure too many would actually check the complete header and the origin of the photo...
  5. Same as Dragan. If you can afford forking out the extra cash for the DS-200, and don't mind the added weight and bulk, having at least 1 DS-200 gives you that much added flexibility...
  6. I've been using the DS-125 pretty much since it's been out. It's a very good mid-range (in terms of power) strobe. It recycles very fast and has a built-in modelling light. I also like it's colour temperature.
  7. I have a nice face shot in my Sulawesi 2007 gallery...
  8. Me too, me too... I've got a 4-page article + a couple of full-page photos...
  9. Belgium originally was not in the list of countries that could get a visa on arrival, but this changed a few months after they started implementing this new visa regulation...
  10. I second Gary's suggestions. These camera give support RAW, have little lag, and give nice results. The only thing is they take a fairly long time to write RAW files (compared to a DSLR anyway).
  11. Nice colours and sharp eyes!
  12. The picture was in a terrible state to start with. I'm not sure whether it's much better after I played with it. In brief, I have: 1) Reconstructed the red channel 2) Adjusted the Curve to improve colour and contrast 3) Reduced the noise in the green and red channels selectively 4) Sharpened a bit
  13. There are at least two easy ways to get rid of MINOR vignetting in PS: 1) Clone out the dark corners 2) Correct the perspective using the lens correction filter There are probably other ways, but these 2 are fast and easy...
  14. That's part of my strategy for saving weight: 1) My dive kit (all light weight stuff) goes into a mesh bag (virtually weightless). The trick is to pack it well to avoid damage. I've used it on dozens if not hundreds of local and international flights without ever breaking a thing, and the bag alone saves about 5kgs compared with my old wheely bag. Total weight is just under 12kgs! 2) The camera gear goes into a lightweight Samsonite-like suitcase, with custom padding. 2 complete kits (housings, strobes, etc.) + spares weigh less than a single kit in a Pelican case! 3) My next step is to get rid of part of the foam, and use the hollowed portions to put my clothes.
  15. I let it dangle from the cord that comes with it, and that I tie to the housing...
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