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  1. I have the FP, WP and SD. I've never used the fisheye lenses with the WP, as I was worried about vignetting. I've used fisheye lenses with the FP, and images are fine. Don't have them next to me right now, but the FP doesn't seem very much larger than the WP. It looks to be about the same diameter, but a bit deeper. It would be seem like a good alternative to the SD if you want to travel light...

  2. Seacam housing for Nikon D100 for sale:


    * Good condition, fully functional, never flooded

    * A few scratches on handles and body, consistent with regular use, but nothing that affects the function of the housing

    * Comes with Pro Viewfinder and metal handles (not the plastic ones)

    * Comes with optional leak detector

    * Fitted with two Nikonos 5 connectors

    * Ports and camera NOT included


    Item is in Singapore and weighs about 3kg. Can arrange collection or will post anywhere. Fedex or DHL preferred for security/safety. Approximate cost for this to the USA will be about US$100. You can find approximate cost by going to the Fedex or DHL websites.


    Looking for $2,000 or other reasonable offer. Send me a PM!


    Will perform full servicing and pressure testing with local Seacam representative free-of-charge before shipping, if requested by buyer!

  3. ...

    The other area to save is in the cases themselves. Storm or Peli cases are very heavy. My delicates travel in a Samsonite hard suitcase - which is light, strong and inconspicuous. Wetsuits, clothes and bubble wrap provide cushoning.



    That's part of my strategy for saving weight:


    1) My dive kit (all light weight stuff) goes into a mesh bag (virtually weightless). The trick is to pack it well to avoid damage. I've used it on dozens if not hundreds of local and international flights without ever breaking a thing, and the bag alone saves about 5kgs compared with my old wheely bag. Total weight is just under 12kgs!


    2) The camera gear goes into a lightweight Samsonite-like suitcase, with custom padding. 2 complete kits (housings, strobes, etc.) + spares weigh less than a single kit in a Pelican case!


    3) My next step is to get rid of part of the foam, and use the hollowed portions to put my clothes.

  4. Although diving in Tioman is better now than it was in the past few years, I think Redang still has an edge. It is higher North, near Perhentian. The latter offers mostly basic accomodation, while Redang has some nice resorts (the Berjaya, in particular), and you can fly there from KL as well.

  5. The intermediate values between the traditional F8, F5.6, F4, etc are 1/3 stops which are actually quite common on digital cameras, and allow a finer transition in aperture sizes. On some SLR models, you can reduce the number of steps by changing the steps to 1/2 or 1 stop, instead of 1/3 stop, for quicker adjustments.


    As for equivalent F-stops between digicams and SLRs, there's no such thing. I have not yet read the latest version of Martin's book, but I assume he meant that the actual size of the diaphragm was similar in the situations you describe. Quick example:

    - For a digicam at its widest real aperture of say 8mm at F8, the size of the diaphragm is 1mm (8/8 = 1mm)


    - For a SLR with a 20mm lens at F22, the size of the diaphragm is also about 1mm (20/22 = 0.9mm)

  6. IN photoshop, you can simply use the Image>Image Size toool to achieve the size you want, and then you do File>Save As, press OK and in the new dialogue box, you set the Quality between say 5 and 12 to achieve the size in mb that you want (it is shown in brackets at the bottom of the dialogue box).


    On a different note, it seems strange that the contest organisers would ask for such a combination of file size and dimensions, as even the most advanced SLR cameras don't reach 6,000 pixels over the long side. Unless the contest is geared towards people scanning slides or prints?

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