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  1. Sorry for not updating this post. All items have been sold.
  2. Full Sea & Sea MDX-40D (for Canon 40D & 50D) setup with dual Inon Z-240's including various ports and arms for sale. Everything you need for a nice macro and WA. Full list of items for sale below. Just haven't had the time over the past few years to go diving enough to keep . Equipment is in excellent condition and carefully stored. Reckon I probably spent over $6,000 in total, but looking to part with the full set listed below for $2,500 (housing, strobes, all accessories and I will throw in a Canon 40D body). Gear will ship from Hong Kong. Buyer pays shipping. Would like to sell the entire package before considering parceling out individual items. PM me with your email and I'll get back to you. Let me also know if you need any specific photos of the gear. -------------------- Housing 1x Sea & Sea MDX-40D Housing Ports 1x S&S Compact Macro Port M (56221) 1x S&S Compact Macro Port 52 (56241) 1x S&S Compact Macro Port S (56211) 1x S&S NX Compact Macro Port Base 1x S&S Extension Ring 40 (56111) 1x S&S SX Extension Ring (50261) 1x Athena OPD-170 Dome + LH170 lens hood and soft cover 1x Athena 67mm thread adapter (fits over S&S Compact Macro port) 1x Inon UCL-165M67 Close Up Lens Focus Gears 1x S&S Canon EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM Zoom Gear (31125) 1x S&S EF-S 60mm F2.8 Macro USM Focus Gear (31126) 1x Athena Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro Focus Gear 1x F.I.T. Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 fisheye Zoom Gear 1x F.I.T. Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 EX Macro Zoom Gear Strobe and cables 2x Inon Z-240 (I think they are type 2 but not 100% sure. bought in 2006) 2x S&S 5 Pin Sync Cord/ N (17100) 1x S&S 5 Pin Dual Sync Cord/ N (3470) Arms and Clamps 4x Inon Arm M StiX floats 2x Inon Arm S 6x Ball Clamps 2x Z Adapter (for Inon strobes) *plastic on 1 screw is cracked but fully functional and secure 2x ULCS Base Adapter BA-TG 1x S&S Hot Shoe Arm ------------------ I also have a Lowepro computer trekker plus AW carry-on bag and Pelican 1510 that has been used to carry the full setup available for sale. I also will consider selling the following lenses separately. Canon EFS 60mm f2.8 macro Canon EFS 100mm f2.8 macro Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 EX Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5
  3. Just not able to get enough diving in lately, so looking to part with my u/w video equipment. Equipment is located in Hong Kong but will ship int'l. Gates HC7 video housing with white balance control. Understand this will also fit the Sony HC9 camera as well. I would throw in the HC7 video camera as well but unfortunately the DV cassette door mechanism is shot. Housing has been lightly used and in great condition. Ball mounts on handles included. Original price: USD2,125Gates/ Fathom WP25 wide angle port - allows for zoom through for macro to wide angle. Good condition although it has a very light scratch less than 5mm (not noticeable in the video recordings; might be able to polish that out). Original price: USD890 Gates Tripod mount - allows you to screw in a tripod (one of the 4 threads on the housing handle that are used to attach this tripod mount is stripped, but still very usable). Looks like this. Asking for $1,000 for the Housing/ Port/ and tripod mount. Salvo Dual 24W HID with Lumedyne video reflectors and Y detachable e/o cables. The original 9ah NIMH battery pack is unfortunately shot (only holds a charge for 10min or so). You should be able to get a replacement battery at the following site which fits the canister. Or you can reach out to the folks at Light Monkey who are the successor to Salvo and can provide service for Salvo lights. Could also put in a replacement Li-ion battery. Original price: ~US1,400 Asking for USD600. PM me with questions.
  4. I have a Gates HC7 (w/ manual WB) and Fathoms WP25 WA lens that I might part. Would ship from Hong Kong. Will email you separately.
  5. El Guapo himself giving the Captain the evil eye... or trying to get the attention of a female crew... Mods: if posting this screenshot is a copyright no no, please remove...
  6. Elbuzo, I have the WD HD Media Player. It's our favorite gadget in the house. Really shines more for video playback (especially full HD). Compared to other media devices, it's really idiot proof. We don't really use it for photos that much. My 52 LG TV's built-in USB function is as horrible as your description. On the WD HD Media Player, resized photos @ 1920x1080 jpg look nice and there's not too much of a lag loading photos or running a slideshow. If you wait awhile, WD is coming out with a 2nd generation one with build in networking (although there are some online hacks that allow you to use the current WD with a USB lan adapter).
  7. scratch disk? I'd make that baby my system HDD! nice price, especially considering this is the 2nd generation version
  8. D, I haven't been out shopping lately at the local uw camera shops so I can't give much of an update but I really don't think much has changed. If you're working/staying over on the Hong Kong island side, then I would suggest Diving Adventure over in Causeway Bay which tends to carry more camera stuff including Inon. You could also try X-pro (formerly Prodive) which has sadly moved from heart of all the seedy girly bars in Wanchai(they're still in Wanchai but now over on Thomson Rd). I haven't been to the new store yet but the old shop only tended to have a few UW camera stuff, such as S&S strobes and arms. But if you're looking for wetsuits, you can get a pretty good deal there. If you're on Kowloon side there is Ocean Sky Divers in Tsim Sha Tsui - they tend to have Ikelite & Amphibico. There's also ChineseDivers up in Mongkok. If there are specific models you are looking for, check ahead as a lot of the shops don't like to keep expensive housings and strobes in stock at their stores but rather order on demand. When the yen was relatively weak (near 120), I found it was cheaper to purchase from dealers in Japan direct. With the Yen now at about 95 to a US dollar, I suspect it may not be the case anymore unless the Japanese retailers have been very fast to hike up their overseas prices. There are also a couple online Taiwanese shops that can be very competitive with the Japanese prices on housings and strobes.
  9. Gary, sadly the company that owns the Ducomi pier decided to do some repairs/ renovations which I believe involved cleaning off a lot of the growth on the pilings. And sadly probably took off 80% of the what made that site great. You can find some recent comments here http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/4491609-post63.html
  10. I can't comment on the other resorts but I have stayed at Atlantis Dumaguete and can strongly recommend it. Nicely decorated resort, cozy rooms, big beds with doors opening up to verandas. There are a few rooms that do actually face the ocean. The pool is smallish and located in the courtyard away from the beach. Nice deck area near the restaurant/bar for hanging out post dive. Big thumbs up to both a very professional dive op and the excellent cooks/staff. The beach around Dumaguete/Duan is volcanic so might be disappointing if your wife is expecting white sand beaches. Interesting house reef including mandarin fish in front of Atlantis. I forget if the snorkeling would be good right in front of the resort. I guess it will really depend on what your non-diving wife's priorities are. For instance, if she is looking for a nice pool to sit by and read, maybe check some of the other resorts. If I remember, the pool is quite small and since it's in an enclosed courtyard, might get a bit stuffy (no ocean breeze). If she's adventurous, she can arrange to be driven into Dumaguete city to check out some of the local markets.
  11. Bruce, From my limited use of the Gorillapod in salt water with my video setup, I haven't noticed any corroding. But you might want to see feedback from users who have used it u/w for longer periods.
  12. my recommendations in order 1. Cebu - a variety of dive locations that are reachable from Cebu city. (but will need to take ferry, car or combination to get to the better locations) 2. Bali - Easiest in terms of travel... Wide selection of resorts from high end exclusive uber-expensive to budget backpacker hotels. Easy to get around the island via car. Some of the more popular dive sites are just an hour by boat from the near the airport (for Mola Mola's and Manta's) 3. Kota Kinabalu - you've got Sipidan and Layang Layang nearby but involve local flights , boats and buses... Siem Riep and Yangoon - save those for a non diving trip. Amazing places though.
  13. We were out there last year and Thresher Shark Divers had that rule. Same with Exotic when I used then 1 or 2 years earlier. Of course it didn't stop those with PnS' who forgot to turn off their internal strobes... but a big no no for Mr. DSLR with two strobes... Threshers are supposedly quite timid and you would think they are light sensitive with those big eyes. But if I recall that Monty Hall episode, I don't recall the thresher that Gutsy was shooting with strobes getting spooked...
  14. Good to see the new toy is working for you. In case you decide to run Linux in the future, you might find this interesting. I just discovered that Ubuntu desktop version does come with a photo management program called F-Stop. http://f-spot.org/Features Very simple program but can automatically import from flash drives, can read my Canon 40D CR files and display them in thumbnails and slide show. It does allow some basic edit functions but only for jpg's (not RAW). You can zoom, view a histogram and all metadata, rate/tag them, and organize by date. BTW, did finally get Lightroom 2.3 working on Ubuntu (8.10 64 bit desktop) via Wine (1.1.24). It runs but the photos don't display. Even if I got it to run, it's painfully slow.
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