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  1. Bought an uwcamerastuff mini dome (for ikelite) from String. Everything went smoothly. I dont even think the scratches were as bad as mentioned.
  2. I am the happy new owner of said mini dome. Gave it a micro mesh / nova polish treatment today and I'm a happy customer !
  3. Will probably be impossible if there is no access to the multicontroller. But in M mode, why not use the front and rear dials ?
  4. For Sale is my copy of Martin Edge's standard The Underwater Photographer - 3th Edition. Paperback. will post anywhere at cost, from the Netherlands (or can take it to the UK and post from there at Easter). just make a reasonable offer. It is in good condition, there is a reading 'ear' on one of the outside pages and I have read it more then once.
  5. I used a sigma 15mm for a while in a 5503 dome port (the 6 inch), and later got the larger 8 inch port. I never did any side by side comparison shots. the wide angle ones in this set and the years before are with the smaller dome port. I got the bigger dome port in 2010 I think, so after that I used that port mostly. Think I sold the smaller one because I never used it anymore. https://www.flickr.com/photos/cerianthus/albums/72157604579637384
  6. Although from a manufacturer from a different port, he is an honest bloke and the pictures showing the coverage are genuine. (scroll down a bit) http://uwcamerastuff.com/precision_5_dome.htm
  7. Very sad and sudden news. I also enjoyed his conversations on wetpixel. I never met Dean in person but I bought a spot from him for the very first digigreen trip to Scapa. An amusing bit of conversation was my misinterpretation of his question are you well. I wish his family all the strength they need after this loss.
  8. Welcome Adam ! Gerard hopes Adam will stop talking about himself in the third person. Cheers Gerard
  9. yes, short the circuit on where the article explains. if you switch the strobe on and off repeatedly it will quite often flash as well
  10. From the specs slighty faster and the same aperture at all focal lengths.
  11. It looks like a squat lobster indeed but no idea species wise. Maybe try on the uw macro fb forum or a marine ID fb group?
  12. I think I get your point now. the focus up till now has been on developing a good strobe, without too much emphasis on how it will be produced. Now it is in production, it turns out to be a well build strobe, but the production is slow (maybe because it is well build). You are now looking into small ways to change the way the strobe is designed (while keeping all the plusses), or change the assembly method, so ultimately the mk 2 or whatever you will call it can be produced quicker.
  13. I dont get it. If you stop production how will the availability increase?
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