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  1. For stills ? The camera will see it as natural light and adjust shutter speed (depending on setting), I have no experience with this particular camera. I see the tough has 1/4  up to 1/2000 fast shutter speed. I dont see the f-stop range in the specs.

    But if the tough can expose on midday in bright sunlight, I am sure it will be able to correct. Are you running into limits with the one light ?


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  2. I use a permanent travel catalog, made from an emptied copy of my main catalog. When on a trip I import to a collection (eg Bonaire 2020). I backup to separate hard drives. After the trip I first export (the images in the )collection as a catalog and then import that catalog in the main one as you described (including raw files).


    I think having a permanent (or semi permanent, as i sometimes change settings) is easier, since you can use your import and other presets.

  3. It is not an issue, it is by design. Wetpixel is meant to be a community for people tot discuss underwater photography and videography, not ebay. So if you just want to flog stuff, the 3 post limit might discourage you from using Wetpixel only as a sales tool. To keep out spam bots, you must first react to an existing post (preferably the introduction thread). People that are willing to contribute are more than welcome.

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  4. Reviving this old topic. I use Scubapro Jet fins for drysuit diving. They are also fine with a 7mm wetsuit in colder water. However, I am going on a trip to the Azores in september. I've been looking into fins for there. I would normally go with booted fins. The freediving fins will probably have lots of power, but I am not a freediver. I would probably need socks as well.

    I broke my booted plastic Seac fins. I was thinking about Oceanic Accel as travel fins, but I have some doubts on the power, would they be ok snorkeling? It is mostly boat diving. Anyone has experience with those? its about 600 grams for a single one, so 1,2 kg for a pair.


    Other options will be a bit heavier. (thinking about getting regular Mares Quattros) The open boot Quattro fins are actually heavier then the booted fins. That will be about 2 kg for the pair.

  5. yes... I have a 3D printed double flip adapter for Ikelite modular port that I drew and designed myself, a thingiverse snoot for Ikelite DS125 and self designed knob extensions for both the Ikelite DS51 and DS125 strobes.

    I used 3d hubs for printing. Then it was lots of hobbyists printing at home, but now  they dont use private printers any more. But there is a friend in Germany that has his own 3D printer (he printed  the snoot).

    I used freecad 3D, and lots of measuring. For the extension knobs, there was some sanding and thread cutting needed. They are fit with little allen screws.






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  6. The 10-22 lens was a good choice, definitely wide enough for this. I did a test with a +2 diopter the week before but decided against it. Couldnt see much improvement in sharpness but i could see more Chromatic Abberation.

    Had lots of fun and the children were photobombing eachother. I did ask if any parents had objections but they were all enthusiast about the idea. Some pictures were just snapshots, some almost post or 'action' shots.  At least the parents liked them.

  7. Hi

    my youngest daughter (6) will celebrate her birthday with a swimming/pool party. What would be best to shoot some of the fun underwater? I have a cropped sensor Canon and the 10-22mm rectangular lens as well as the Tokina 10-17mm (that I normally use) which I also could combine with a teleconverter. I don’t have that many possibilities to try it out on a club pool night  (only 1 without kids)

    Is wider / fisheye better? Or less distortion? Or should I just lighten up and enjoy the party?


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