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  1. Back to the original question: there are several gallery software tools, available, have a look at the following free software tool for making galleries: jalbum.net
  2. No pictues, but just to keep you occupied; do you know the genus Bonellia (from the mediterennean/atlantic), and do these type of echiuran (?, looked that up) also accur in other waters. gerard ps get well soon
  3. In my budget analog slr setup, i use the same light i use for diving. its not as difficult as it sounds. It is a halcyon explorer type of 50w halogen (i can change the bulb if i like) light that can be focussed (quite narrow) or widened. It has a goodman handle, so i sits just on the back of my (right) hand, i can still use the hand and all the fingers for control of the camera my 50mm macro lens hunts considerably in low light conditions, with this setup at least the focus is not that much of an issue gerard
  4. does the high(er) megapixel DX-sensor choice for this camera mean that Nikon have made their choice for the DX format?
  5. for automatic generation of galleries, jalbum.net can hardly be beat Also, the html editor in Mozilla (the bigger one, not firefox) is quite handy to use (clear code, + a wysiwyg part) gerard
  6. Referred to from a Dutch uw photo website (cant remember which), and/or the UW-photo mailinglist. The recommandation was split between wetpixel and digidiver. Wetpixel's interface is much better, so i started posting and reading here initially, and havent looked back.
  7. Didn't know sea pens were colonies. I don't live in Scotland, but have visited it a couple of times (studied there also for six months, i dived the west coast moslty then because i was in Aberdeen). I visited Scapa Flow (twice) and the west coast (Oban and Mull). St kilda must be great !! I have yet to return and photograph !!
  8. back to the original question. I think the first is known to the british as devonshire cup coral, but it seems to be absent from the Dutch coast. I have seen see pens (one or two) in Scotland as well, very interesting animal. looks like time forgot about them. I suspect that if they move, they move like anemones, as Tom described above. I was however hoping you were talking about deep water coral, I thought how could you ever take a picture of that without a deep sea rig.. Gerard
  9. don't use vaseline, it is an oil product that might not be compatible with your O-rings. O-ring grease is not a sealant, but a lubricant used to keep the o ring flexible and in good condition. the o ring itself does the sealing. Gerard
  10. building on the stupid question, but why is this? I always thought that (given a same-sized sensor) the focal lenght was directly related to coverage. Gerard
  11. excuse me if i ask a stupid question, but Canon offers a 10-22mm zoom. Doesnt the 10mm setting offer the desired fish eye coverage? Gerard
  12. i have absolutely no experience with this (other then 2 or 3 shots on the end of a dive, where either above or under water was in focus) since it is to decrease the surface tension, the stuff my father used for his car window might also be usefull. after impregnating the window with this stuff, you can drive through a rain storm and don't have to use the wipers at all. I will ask him tomorrow what it was called Gerard
  13. The snapper picture is really brilliant, like Alex was about to be devoured by them. we get a Metro in the netherlands as well. When i studied for six months in Aberdeen, i kept wondering what kind of magazine "the big issue" was. Since the people distributing it were so strange, i suspected it to be some kind of ultra right wing magazine. I only later learned it was for the homeless Gerard
  14. Salps are tunicates, but a specific free floating class (or suborder, cant remember). the species in the picture is not a single individual, but a colony of salps side by side. googling salp salpae with or without in combination with monterey might be very educational on the composition and behaviour of this species group :-) Gerard
  15. I would like to add Willem Kolvoort (Netherlands). I have only a link to a small 8 pic gallery http://www.fotonatura.nl/fotonatura/pbin/d...&a=lft&s=1&id=7 He specialises in fresh water in the netherlands. Vis there is often bad. Maybe he is more a " crawler" then a diver, but he is very dedicated to his work Gerard
  16. Hi All, although not yet digital, I was wondering how people review images. with slides, i use a loupe and review them on a light box. on the cheap scanner i use, the web-image is not near as brilliant. With digital, you have to review them on a computer screen. Does this meen you have to have a minimal usable computer setup (screen wise and computer power), callibrated screens etc... tx Gerard
  17. Thanks. these are the kind of comments i was searching. Since the strobe is at its lowest, could I've better underexposed the background a bit by using a smaller f-stop. the fstop and shutter speed were selected based on the available light. This might have left the strobe to birght regardless the position. Actually i was glad to get things focussed and got carried away with these inquisitive fish. I see that more of my pictures have the subject straight in the middle, so this will be an attention point further on. I didnt really realise this was the case here too. pity these fish arent in my backyard to practice with... gerard
  18. I would like some comments on this one It is a scanned slide (Sensia 100) taken with a minolta 7xi with 50mm sigma macro, ikelite housing and a single Ai strobe. F8-11, 1/60 and strobe on half power. In the original image the fish (a dorade from the med) is bleached out a bit, in the scan more detail is reveiled. I may have mirrored the image. what i like about this image myself is the contact with the fish and the composition (others show the fish more in the middle). a more colourfull fish would be nice. what i dont like is that the head is still a bit washed. Although it seemed quite clear water, there are some specks of dust (maybe also from scanning) which i have not yet removed. I see regularly spotless pics appearing here. Do you guys never have any dust on your pics, or is removal normal during processing. Tx Gerard
  19. thanks for the comments. I was considering my options along the same way, even with film this housing is a bit of an underdog :-). So all things considered, I think I would be better of not buying extra lenses and other additions to the current setup, but putting those in a DSLR fund. Whether that will be Canon or underdog Nikon (?) i can always decide later. For know, I'll enjoy myself with the things i got. cheers Gerard
  20. I have had a problem with horizontal lines from a sand grain or similar. I cant really find the lines you mentioned (not a particular fantastic monitor). The scanner is just a simple HP flatbed with slide module, and since there are some things done with the image (i have cut the black edges away from the scan, and the gallery software adds the C-notice) it can be damaged by compressing and recompressing the jpeg. I could send you the original scan if you're interested. Gerard
  21. Since i started with a simple X-300 minolta camera, I have always been fond of this brand (I am using a minolta 7xi now in an Ikelite housing, use binoculars from them). It seems the UW industry does not support them that much, it is all canon and nikon. Ikelite dropped the available housings for minolta, but now offers housings for Olympus SLR Konica Minolta now offer two digital SLR's (7D and the 5D). I am not yet in the market for an upgrade to digital, but is there any chance the industry will offer housings for such cameras? Just curious Gerard
  22. Thanks, I did a fast check in the Handbook (Couet), i forgot that the marks on the lens aren't the same as the actual f-stop with macro lenses. Nice that EXIF data show this, with slides you can only guess :-(
  23. Just thought I would share a pic with you the first time. It is a tube worm from the MED. it is a scanned slide. The pic was taken with a minolta 7xi camera, ikelite housing and strobe and a 50mm macro lens from Sigma. Shutter speed 1/200 (max synch time), f-stop about f16. I quite like the big wheel on a sweet spot, and i dont thing the blotches in the background are too distracting. Any comments are appreciated. Gerard
  24. how can you shoot at f50, most (well at least my) lenses go to f22 or f32 only. Just wondering (you had also some spare shutter time at 1/60) Tx Gerard
  25. although I would agree to the friendly way it is generally viewed that forgetting photo-credit is especially bad, maybe even worse then not paying. mention that youre trying to build a name in UW photography and that this is especially bad. If they still wont comply, you can allways start threathening later: mentioning their name in a bad way is not good publicity for them as well (maybe you get a nice discount on your next trip :-) Gerard
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