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  1. WOW! Thanks for all the help, guys! OK, day 2 and more info. 18-70 with +4 diopter, no buttons are being unintenionally depressed. Yesterday I was shooting in AF-C with no focus. Today I went back to AF-S and had moderate success. Can't focus on objects closer than about 3ft. Many surfaces would not let the lens get a lock, even with a hard edge, like a window inside the wreck. Point the camera at a diver and it works perfect. Maybe the center weighted focus is my issue? Thanks for the help. I hate being new at something. scoot PS, BIG thanks to Ike for getting my system back to me in time. You guys RULE!!!!
  2. First day in Cozumel testing my new setup before a big pacific trip. I have set the camera up to the specs for beginner on Peter Schultz website. Using the kit lens in an Ikelike iTTL housing, I could not coax the camera to focus in either AF S or AF C after the first picture. Once topside, it worked great. The above test dive was in about 15' of water. Looking through the viewfinder, I could not even see the lens seeking. Any thoughts? And, yes, the body is set to AF. Thanks in advance guys. scoot
  3. I'll get it off tomorrow. Thanks for everyones help. scott
  4. 5. Yes. 6. No. The controller does start in TTL though. Only in Manual will I get the flashes in the picture, with the exception of the VERY first time I put the system together, when the primary would fire correctly. Let be clear, both strobes would fire, but only the primary would show up in the pictue and the secondary could be seen firing through the viewfinder(early). I'm very suspect of the bulkhead controller being Tango Uniform. I'm prepared to ship it off to Ike, but I wanted to discuss it with the local Gurus(You). scott
  5. 1. Yes. SN #753xx 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes. Manual, 100, F8, and TTL. Just like you suggest for the beginner setup on your website. Thank you so much for taking your time to help a new guy. scott
  6. I cannot seem to get the TTL working for the life of me. When I first received everthing I did a test run in the pool and only one strobe(primary) was firing in TTL. Flip-flopped cables and now neither will fire TTL even after moving cables back to original position. When troubleshooting it appears the flash is discharging early(pre-flash?) because it is visible through the viewfinder. I checked the camera settings and manual, but it's either TTL, Manual, or Commander(not applicable... I think). Camera to TTL, Housing to TTL, and Strobes to TTL should produce TTL, right? What is really strange is the primary strobe DID work during the first test but it is un-repeatable. Please tell me I'm doing something really silly and is easy to fix. I'm getting down to the wire with a trip. Thanks in advance guys, scoot
  7. I'm having the same problem with my D-70 and DS-50's. For a while, only one strobe would fire while the shutter was open, and now neither are firing at the right time. It is almost like a pre-flash because I can see the flash in the view finder. In manual mode, everything works fine. scoot
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