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  1. Brand new, only taken out the box for me to photograph it, Nauticam NA-G7XII housing. https://www.nauticam.com/products/na-g7xii-housing-for-canon-powershot-g7xii-camera I am in the UK but I can ship it. Asking £650 (Sterling)
  2. Brand new Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobe that has never been wet. I opened the box for the first time to photograph it! As hopefully the photos show everything is still in its packaging. I am in the UK but can post it to Europe or the US. Cost new here in the UK is about £650. I would be happy with £400 plus shipping which is about US$480.
  3. I first went there in 2001 on a liveaboard and saw one other boat all week, the diving was fantastic but funnily enough many of the most popular sites that are dived now had not been discovered at that time such as Manta Alley. I went back a couple of years ago and could not believe the number of liveaboards and day boats operating there now. You could literally walk across the harbour at Labuanbajo going from one to another. Every dive site we went to there was multiple other boats there or close by. The diving was still very good and we dived lots of sites we had not dived previously but it certainly was no longer off the beaten track. I did read that the national park was talking about limiting the number of visitors dramatically and introducing very high fee's to keep the visitor numbers down.
  4. Complete Gates HD video setup including Gates Housing complete with two ports, standard and flat with the Canon HF S21 camera. This complete set-up has done about 50 dives, I took it to Indonesia for a month and I was amazed at the quality of the footage it takes. The camera was my back up so it has hardly been used, I used it for some topside footage only. It has all of the items that come as standard as well as an extra battery. The Canon HF S21 was their top of line consumer model and it has a 64GB internal hard drive as well as two SD card slots. The housing itself has a couple of very minor marks and scratches but nothing that effects the footage and the standard port has some very small chips in the outside paint but nothing on the actual lens itself. Since you can use the remote control within the housing you can access all of the camera controls including the all important white balance. It comes with a Pelican case which everything fits into (and is hand baggage) as well as a complete set of every O-ring and full instructions. This setup would have cost over $4000 new, I would like $1600 plus shipping, it is in Florida.
  5. Great video as always from yourself. I would struggle to tear myself away from Lembeh but looking at some of your other destinations I probably could!
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