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  1. Hi Stefan, unfortunately the promises where made on expensive trips my customers have already gone on, they went on their trips without their new cutting edge Retra strobes! I had to loan them my equipment just to appease them and cover for the failure to deliver on several promises made on email. Retra's solution to this is too refund us, this is no solution in any way. Further to this you need to understand the outlay in terms of Rand vs, Euro and maybe then you can understand the concern. It is one thing to say we will update your in a weeks time or even a month, it is another thing to promises on several occasions that "your parcel will be shipped in 10 to 12 days. This is my conundrum.
  2. Hi Alex "The Doctor" Can we have your input here, it would be highly appreciated. This is the latest reponse we have received from Oskar and his team at Retra: It’s water under the bridge. We will not be sending your our products, you’ve gotten your money back and more. Go somewhere else where you’ll get the professional treatment you talk about. It’s over. Oskar Zupancic
  3. Great Oskar, Then we will be expecting delivery very soon as you have been promising for some time now. Please keep in touch with me and advise when the strobes etc. have been sent. Kind Regards, Allen
  4. Hi Oskar, I think I take a little exception to the comment "bullied us into a corner"......all we have asked for is a date, you say 10 days, we say cool, you say 1 month, we say cool, you say next week, we say cool, 8 months later you say we WILL SHIP TO YOU IN 12 days we say cool, 12 days later you do not ship or notify.....so you get a few negative emails and you call this bullying....sorry, I do not share your sentiments. You and I know I have always supported Retra products and I have them all, up and until now.....so please do not insult me, or my customers, we have supported you, but we expect honesty and delivery on promises. If you said we will advise in two weeks, then cool, but you said: Hi Celia, thank you for your email. (Celia stood in for me during my leave) We've just sent the first two boxes yesterday and we will slowly build up quantity in the next two weeks. I expect Alan's order will be ready for shipping in 12 days. Once your order is ready for shipping you will get an email with tracking details. All orders are shipped with DHL Express so they will get to you as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience and support! Then another delay: "We are on our way to shipping the first Retra Flash!" does not mean that we are shipping. ​ Sorry if that ​sounded confusing. I can see Alan is getting our newsletter but you and Celia are not subscribed. We gave more details in our last email and it's a pity you haven't gotten them. I have sent that email to you two now and I have also given you the option to subscribe to our newsletter. You should get an email to confirm the subscription, let me know if you haven't gotten it. Sorry about the delay. Then a further 2 weeks later I wrote this email: Hi Oskar and Retra Team, I have returned from my leave to be astounded that the shipment has still not left yet. The order was paid and confirmed on the 1st of March 2017, I also recall how insistent you and the Retra team was that there would be NO exceptions to the rule, payment dates was payments dates etc etc. Retra had a HARD and uncompromising stance on order time periods and payments, yet Retra do not apply this rule to its delivery of its product and promises? I am now confused based on......."Hi Allen, we will start shipping the strobe at the end of June. An exact shipping date will be set in May.”........ It is now 4 months later and still nothing. Today will be a further 12 days from your last email and I still have no tracking number of the shipment or communique related to it. I believe we are past the stage of news letters now and customers need to be kept in the loop on a daily basis. I think I need to remind the Retra team that it is people like us that were prepared to pay money for a product that was yet to be tested, perfected and manufactured in advance so that Retra could in fact take a step into the bigger leagues of UWP product manufacture and supply. Telling us we can “have your money back” is a slap in the face and I can promise you not a solution you want to implement. I now implore Retra to honour its promises and supply my customers/friends and I our products we ordered in good faith. A positive response will be appreciated. Kind Regards, Allen D. Walker to which I got this response: Hi Allen, you can follow everything about the project (shipping, update, reviews...) here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=59574&page=4 We've also sent several updates via email and I've forwarded some of them to your group since they've not been informed. If you feel that we're not being transparent enough, I can assure you, we've done nothing but hard work to make this product. We didn't feel we should spend more time writing about the agony that is making a completely new state-of-the-art underwater strobe. We rather kept (and are still keeping) our heads down and work hard to make it reality. Best regards Oskar Zupancic __________________________________________________ Well I suppose I am at a loss for words................and I have to bite my tongue at this stage.... Kind Regards, Allen
  5. Hi Ladies and Gents, My customers and I have also ordered the new Retra strobes & accessories, but it seems my experience with the customer service is a little different. We were some of the first to order on the 1st special price and have since been given numerous different delivery dates with no actual delivery. Obviously my customers and I have become rather anxious and we communicated to Retra saying that this has now become unacceptable and that we would like some actual delivery dates that are real with a actual tracking number. All of a sudden we get "refunded" because they are now getting some negative communique after 8 months, this is NOT the behaviour of a professional company.....is it. A company that would rather refund than deliver on their promises is questionable in my opinion. Is there anyone else experiencing the same concerns? P.S. I do not have the luxury of visiting forums and reading news letters over the last 2 years due to the nature of my new work, so I rely of direct communication and this has been rather sketchy with lot's of promises and no delivery. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Kind regards, Allen
  6. Hey there Canon Shooters, I am having a major problem with my 5D Mark III when shooting in low light conditions. This is in and out of the housing, more predominantly in the housing but I would put that stat down to the fact that I use it in water more often. My 5D Mark III is battling to focus i.e. low light but enhanced by artificial light (2 x fisheye &7000 Video Lights) - The the focal points all light up and the camera then does not fire. One can attempt to re-focus and the same will happen. In other circumstances the focal points appear in the view finder (black, not highlighted in red) and the camera will once again not fire. - Has anyone had a problem like this, and if yes, how have you been able to solve it? Equipment used: 5D Mark III, Canon 16-35mm MkII, Hugyfot Housing, Zen Dome port, Ikelite DS161 Strobes, &7000 Video lights. Locations: Pool (Crystal Clean Water) - 5pm to 6pm (Dusk) - Ocean, day 7am to 5pm - variable visibility. - Land - Overcast and in-building with no artificial light.
  7. Hey there Everyone, I am Allen Walker from South Africa and an avid Underwater Photographer - been following Wetpixel for a while now and contributed in instances First time to sign up though as I have never really needed to post anything, that however has changed, so here I am - As for UWP, I love photographing sharks, second to that would be everything else Hope to see some interesting threads in the forums and hopefully some cool solutions to technical problems.
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