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  1. Hi Everyone. New Price: $1300.00 (US Funds) Please send me a private message if you're interested. Thanks! Scott
  2. Hi jamsys. Yes, this is still available. PM me if you're interested. Scott
  3. I forgot to put OBO after the price. Please feel free to make an offer. Thank you!
  4. Hi Everyone, I have the following for sale. 1. Sony TRV-900 (With accessorries and extra battery) 2. Gates Housing For TRV-900 3. Wide Angle Port 4. Standard Port All the gear is in excellent condition (see images attached to this ad). I hate to see it go. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks a lot! Price: $1600.00(US) + Shipping Regards, Scott
  5. Thanks a lot, Nick. I really appreciate the time you spent replying to my question. It was a big help. Cheers, Scott
  6. Thanks for your input, Nick. That's really helpful. Please excuse my ignorance, but why is HD a pain to work with in post production? Is it not fully supported by the different software editing packages yet? Are you speculating, or is there already a new technology coming down the pipe in the near future that will/could be better than HDV? It really is, and I really do like it. I have an HD tv now, and thought it would be nice to shoot HD. It seems more and more people have HD tv's now too. Unless someone can give good reasons/evidence for upgrading now, then I may stick with the TRV900 for the time being. Does anyone else have any input on this topic? Thanks in advance. Thanks again, Nick. Regards, Scott ps. I love my Gates housing too!
  7. Hello, Would it be worthwhile to upgrade from my Sony TRV900 and Gates housing to a Sony HC7 and Gates housing? I really like my TRV900 setup, but wondering if I should finally make the leap to HD. If I do make the leap, will the 1 chip HC7 be as good/better as the 3 chip TRV900? Is it worth the cost? What types of things should I be thinking about? Thank you! Scott
  8. Scubatoe, You said, "you are VERY limited with this kind of housing". How so? Scott
  9. Ok, I guess this is such a newbie question that it's not even worth answering. Anyone? Do the CC filters just get the camera that much closer to proper color correction/balance, thus making the camcorder white balance have to work less hard? Thanks!
  10. Hello, Are UW color correction filters really necessary if you're manually setting white balance while shooting? Do the filters interfere when setting white balance? Thanks, Scott
  11. Thanks Neil. If it's possible to pick up that kind of stuff with the camera's mic itself, then I think that will be good enough for me. Scott
  12. Thanks a lot TJ. Much appreciated. Scott ps. I like the look of the new solid front panels too.
  13. Hi, Is it worth getting a hydrophone on an underwater video housing? Will the internal microphone on the camera pick up any sound on the outside of the unit, without a hydrophone? I've seen some footage online, and when I do hear the actual underwater sounds it's usually the bubbles from people breathing, and noises from knocking the housing around itself. Is a hydrophone worth the extra money? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  14. Yes, this is very true. You guys have been great answering my questions on the telephone, and via email. Very accomodating and knowledgeable pre-sales support. An Equinox representative (I won't mention the person's name) told me the problem was because of the clear front panel, and that's why it's not clear any more. Was the clear panel a new design (that failed I guess)? I'm asking because it seems that if they were always clear then this issue would have come up a long time ago. Thanks a lot! Scott
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