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  1. I have one that I use with the flat port from eyeofmine & although it is a bit home made in appearance it is an improvement over the standard port. Never had any condensation issues with it. If you put a big enough card in you rarely have to open it anyway!
  2. I'm sure that you can use an external monitor with the new GoPro's. Check out their FAQs: "Can I get a live video output from the camera? Yes, provided that your HD HERO camera is loaded with the latest firmware update". Not personally tried it but I have one & it has a socket that says TV. Hamish
  3. I'm glad I took the macro lens with me to Cocos at least for this shot! Cocos 2010 164 by hamishmorrison, on Flickr
  4. We took the Tri Rail last year. It's very efficient & cheap & you don't have to worry about traffic. As long as you leave yourself plenty of time its pretty stress free. Just make sure your taxi driver at the other end knows where you're going. Ours didn't... Hamish.
  5. I have it from the 'horses mouth' that there will be copies available at the next BSOUP meeting. Hamish
  6. Gudge, thanks for the reporting on the results of your tests with the Zen. It certainly looks very promising. Did you ever get the shade off or was that not necessary in the end? Hamish.
  7. As a fellow seasickness sufferer, I feel your pain, but at least you came back with some great images. Hamish.
  8. Hi Dave, thanks for the real world advice. Buying sight unseen is always a worry & its easy to make an expensive mistake!
  9. Paul, So, by the sounds of things the extra 10mm extension might work in my favour if I was adding a teleconverter / tube to my FE? Hamish.
  10. I've been on the look out for a small (4") dome for my Subal & have come across a DP64b that is for sale. As these are not produced anymore can anyone tell me if it would be suitable for wide angle macro work? I seem to remember some mention of the DP54B recently. Is it similar, earlier / later version of the same thing? Hamish.
  11. Captureone 5.0.1 is now available. Several significant new features have been added since version 4 & it's SL road tested. http://xchange.phaseone.com/Content/Downloads/CO5.aspx
  12. I think this stands a really good chance of being effective. I'm in... Hamish.
  13. Hi Eric, I have been using GSPNavX (http://gpsnavx.com) for some time & can't fault it. There's even an app for the iPhone! Hamish.
  14. Pretty sure they are not part of the package. I know I didn't get one! Hamish.
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