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  1. Personally I did not see any hammerhead shoaling on my trip in Feb 2007. Quite a few individual encounters with silvertips, galapagos & silkies, but like you I was expecting it to be more 'sharky' The finners have taken their toll on the Revillagigedos like pretty much everywhere else. I was on Nautilus Explorer & they chummed for silkies one night and got quite a few round the boat. Unlike several other guests I declined the offer to go snorkel with them! Hamish.
  2. While we're on the subject of the Galapagos, I thought I'd post this. It's not the best picture I ever took, but a very memorable event nonetheless... If you look closely you can also see dolphins & sealions. Hamish.
  3. Hi Jenny, Your pictures give an excellent feel for the Galapagos. It's not just the underwater stuff thats amazing! I was on Aggressor II on 2007 & have to agree it is one of the best places I've ever been to for pelagic action. Sorry to hear you were unlucky with the whale sharks. Looks like you saw pretty much everything else though! Hamish.
  4. Hi Steve, Glad your training kicked in & you sorted the situation out safely. Narcosis seems to manifest itself in different ways, but that does seem fairly classic. More of a concern for me would be the MOD of the nitrox in open water situations where the seabed is a long way below you! Hamish.
  5. Hi Fred, That's a very nice set of tiger images. I like the interaction with the divers & they are certainly very different to the 'usual' Tiger Beach pictures we see so much of. Hamish.
  6. Glad to know its not just me then. Might as well have been in Japanese for all the use it is! Hamish.
  7. Serge, Wherever they take us! I'm on Sea Queen again & the itinerary seems to be fairly flexible if its anything like the last time I was there. I have got access to a 15mm fisheye for my 5D & can't decide whether to use that or the 17-40mm I've used before. Really quite like the fisheye effect with mantas though... Hamish.
  8. Hi Serge, Nice pictures. What lens are you using to shoot the mantas? I'm off to the Maldives in a couple of weeks so I am really pleased to hear that the mantas are back in town. Hamish.
  9. Subal C20 housing (no port) for Canon EOS 20D and Canon 20D camera. Both items are in extremely good condition. Ideally looking to sell together, but will sell the housing without the camera if desired. I also have EFS lenses suitable for underwater use if interested. Please PM me if interested. I can accept Paypal, but will only ship to UK residents. £2,000 ONO for complete kit.
  10. OK, Here's 3 of my favourites from this year. Friendly manta Revillagigedos: Canon 20D & 10-22mm, Inon 220/240 The giant mantas of Socorro are always pleased to see divers. Scalloped hammerhead Galapagos: Canon 5D & 17-40mm, Inon 220/240 The shoals of hammerheads never cease to amaze. Whale shark Galapagos: Canon 5D & 17-40mm, Inon 220/240 This was the first really big one I'd seen.
  11. We have just had our August trip cancelled by RegalDive here in the UK. We were due to be on Tip Top III but clearly they have fallen foul of the newly enforced regs. We have been able to rebook on MV Daphne for the same dates (give or take) but I'm concerned that this trip will go the same way within the next couple of weeks! I guess time will tell, but I'm not overly confident we will make it to the Galapagos this year!
  12. Thanks James, that's pretty much what I thought, but good to get that confirmation. Hamish.
  13. James, I've been giving some thought to upgrading my 20D to a 5D. Any thoughts on the difference between the two of them. Always had a preference for wide angle, so my thinking is that the 5D ought to give me more coverage. Do you notice much difference in overall quality or is it just a bigger file & the lenses are the key? Hamish.
  14. Hi Steve, We must have been on the trip just after you! I agree that is is an amazing & remote place, especially Roca Partida. Some of the other guests had a very similar dolphin encounter at Roco Pearce, which unfortunately I missed. I can't complain though as I had some really cool manta interactions. Some of my other shots can be found here: http://flickr.com/photos/hamishmorrison/se...553603410/show/ Hamish.
  15. Thanks guys. You both got some great shots. Now I can't wait to get there. I'll post my results on my return. Hamish.
  16. Hi, I am heading out to the Revillagigedos on Nautilus later this week and wanted to ask what lenses people might recommend. Not that I have a lot of options right now, but I was thinking of leaving the macro setup behind. Weight is always the problem for us photographers! What do you guys think. I have a Canon 20D and the 10-22mm as well as the 17-40mm, which I bought as a reaction to my previous experience trying to shoot big fish, when I found the 10-22 was a tad wide. I hear the mantas are very friendly so maybe the wider the better! Hamish.
  17. Following on from this thread, can anyone provide feedback on how fisheye lenses behave with less that full frame cameras? Any recommendations of particular lenses for the Canon platform would also be interesting to hear.
  18. Just nicely back from a recent trip to the Maldives and I thought I'd post a couple of shots I particularly liked. Nearly all the dives we did had some current and picture taking was not always straightforward (he said getting his excuses out in advance)! Anyway you can see the rest on my website here Hamish.
  19. Is there a Mac plugin for Photodex? Hamish.
  20. James, I can second the Maldives Scuba Tours recommendation. They really know the area very well. We dived off Sea Queen a couple of years ago & will be out there again in October. The diving was spectacular & the guides were very knowledgable. We're splitting the holiday again this time, so we get a week on Angaga & a week on Sea Queen. I'll write something up about the trip on my return. Hamish.
  21. I'm with you Andrzej. No 1 is the most interesting in my opinion. All good though! Hamish.
  22. Very nice Fergus. I particularly liked the shot of the seal chewing your fin. I dived with seals in the Farnes a couple of years ago & seeing your images reminds me to dig out the video I took! Hamish.
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