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  1. Link to see all photos. http://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/pho/4823760855.html You are bidding on a Seacam Housing for theCanon 1d MKII and 1DS MKII. This housing is amazing never I have any issues. This is perfect housing for any professional underwater photographer. The Seacam underwater housing for the Canon 1DS Mark II, 1D Mark II and 1D Mark II N digital cameras is designed for the professional underwater photographer. The silver surface technology eliminates varnished chip-prone surfaces with a salt-water resistant double hardened and compressed aluminum casting,combining innovation with impeccable machine work. Modern production method sare utilized in conjunction with hand finishing, making each Seacam housing a work of art. The rugged housing has double O-ring seals on all control shafts for watertight integrity. A 3.5mm thick main O-ring sits in a precisely machined groove. The high-gradespring-mounted quick-clasps remain under full tension, unaffected by depth and pressure considerations. Seacam housings are designed to fit the palm of the hand, with controls falling naturally to the fingertips. Underwater the housing is slightly negative. So it will not float away, but it is light enough to avoid fatiguing the photographer. The ergonomic design of the individual operating elements is contrived so thathands rarely need to be removed from the grips, unless one-handed operation is preferred. The housing features LCD color monitor display, back display, visible and audible leak detector, 2 integrated and detachable hand grips, 2 Nikonos spring mounted flash bulkheads and 2 strobe arm base mounts for Seacam arms. Note! Lens port and viewfinders are required accessories Silver, Seacam's surface technology Silver, the surface technology of SEACAM, makes it possible to do without any varnish due to an entirely new surface refinement; The sea-water resistant aluminium precision-cast is doubly hardened and compressed; Additionally protected and sealed by hard eloxal, this surface withstands severest attacks by sea-waterand mechanical use Inside Coating Black flock material coats the inside of the housing; This reduces reflection and wicks away any water droplets that might enter the housing Zincs Two small plates are placed under each handle; These are sacrificial anodes; Any corrosion will attack here first instead of the housing Mechanical Controls The dependable controls are conveniently placed at fingertip, and kept water tight with Double O-Ring seal S-C-M Switch With a flip of a switch you could go from single servo, continuous auto focus and manual focus Standard Nikonos typeBulkheads External flash ready using Two Nikonos type sync cord connections Viewing Interchangeable viewfinders are available to fit your photographic style and subjects Multiple Lens Capability An assortment of interchangeable lens ports allow use of most macro, wide angle, and zoom lenses Construction Sea-water resistant aluminium precision-cast is doubly hardened and compressed without varnish; Additionally protected and sealed by hard eloxal, this surface withstands severest attacks by sea-water and mechanical use Control Type Mechanical Controls All Depth Rating 265' (80m) Buoyancy Slightly negative depending on port Port Not included, required accessory Internal Flash Usable No External Strobe Connector Yes, Two Nikonos type 2 flash arm base mounts for Seacam arms TTL Compatible No Moisture Alarm Yes Color Silver Dimensions (WxHxD) 14.17 x 5.12 x 8.66" (360 x 130 x 220mm) Weight (without Camera) 6.95lb (3.15kg) In this auction you will receive -Seacam 1ds/1d MKII Housing body -Body oring -Seamcam housing handles -Front port cover -Moisture alarm internal -1 tube of seacam o-ring grease.
  2. Does anyone know why i can't create a topic for me to sell a housing?
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