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  1. We haven't decided which company to do the trip with yet. I am leaning towards Pro-Dive (I like the idea of being on a boat with the same people the entire trip. And I have heard that this shop is very professional. As this will be our first dives after becoming certified, any feedback would be appreciated! My question wasn't so much about whether to buy camera gear, but whether taking pictures is something you all would recommend a newbie diver try. I think that after certification I may have a better understanding of whether I could "handle" taking pictures while diving. But I know that I love to take photos, and really would like to share with others not on the trip, what I see in the water.
  2. I will be going to Australia the second half of November, and going to Cairns for a 3 day live-aboard. I would love to be able to take some photos of what I see underwater. These will be my first dives after getting certified (PADI Open Water). I am not looking to buy a camera, but rather wondering if I should rent one on the boat? For land based photos I have an Olympus C-700, and I use it all the time. I did take a disposable camera out snorkeling in Hawaii a couple of years ago, and the photos were alright, but I am assuming that for scuba I need something more...
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