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  1. Hi Phil, thanks for your info, appreciated. Some of the Seahorses here (Perth, Australia) are on the taller side (10cm ish) and I would compare that with the size of the crab. Compared with the 90mm this lens would get me closer to the subject, which is what I'm looking for. I'm happy to use MF/DMF and Focus Tracking, that works for me most of the times, except if there is to much surge. Agree with the 90mm lens for macro/super macro. ;-) Yes, I use the same, but for to get the extra magnification, if I want (I know, could just crop the larger full frame picture). Very interesting to hearing about this, as this seems to be as well a good option for this purpose. Thanks Phil, good info for me to think about. With the price of both lenses not being astronomical, they both might be good options. Just need to look into port configurations (thanks for the info on this) as (obviously) want to try to keep the number of ports/extension rings to a minimum. Cheers!! - Y
  2. Would indeed be interesting to see. If I look at the specs, looks like it has a min focus distance between 30-45cm (28-60mm). This could indeed work, although ideally would have to use it on the shorter side, which then means it has a 75' angle of view, so likely a bit too wide. Will keep this in mind though - and looking out for the new UWPMAG Thx! 10-ish cm is about the size. I do have a full WA setup (16-35) so would this lens not use for anything larger. Before this setup I did have an OMD with the 60mm and the 12-40 - understand what you trying to say. I have used the 24-70gm behind the dome port, and there, again the min focus distance pushed me quite far back. (that was for sea-dragons though, which are indeed about 30cm) Interesting fact about the Tamron 28-75, indeed I see it does focus a lot closer. let me try the 90mm behind the dome. Thx!
  3. Hi Team, I've an A7rIII with the Sony 90mm in the Nauticam housing. While this works fine for the real macro stuff, it doesn't really play well once subjects (like seahorses, fish portraits) are about 10cm tall. To fit in frame, the camera needs to be quite far away. Which then results in focussing becoming tricky, backscatter becoming an issue (the water here isn't crystal clear..) and the lens starts to hunt, often missing the action! So I'm looking for a 50/60mm macro lens. This should allow me to get a lot closer. Sony has a 50mm macro lens (SEL50M28). Albeit this is external focusing, for my use case that doesn't really matter. (I would not use a diopter with this setup, would use my 90mm lens if needed) What have other people done? Has anyone used/tried the SEL50M28 with the N100 105 macro port? Have people found a working setup with a Metabones/Sigma adapter and a Canon lens? Any other native Sony lenses that I should consider that allow to get me closer (and not being a wide angle lens, like the 16-35mm?) Cheers, y.
  4. Hi Both, Just following up on this - as I'm in the same situation and looking for a macro lens in the 50/60mm range. @jonm did you end up with trying the 50mm? For me not being able to use the lens with a diopter is not an issue - if I want to do super macro, I would use the 90mm. Cheers, Y.
  5. Thanks Jonm, great shots. Indeed noticed that its a fair bit heavier than some of the other ones that are recommended to me, like the inon ucl-67. I previously had a cmc (with a 60mm oly lens) which worked great, so dont expect less of the smc. Thanks !
  6. Hi all, Been looking on the forum, but havent found any info.. what diopters are people using with their Sony A7 and 90mm macro lens? And whats the pro/con of that diopter in your opinion? (Yes, Im in the market for a new diopter) Thx!
  7. Hi Balazs, Thanks for the reply, but not sure if you gave me feedback on the camera or the Turtle Trigger? I'm specifically interested in the Turtle TTL Flash Trigger. Thanks, Y
  8. Hi All, Looking for feedback on the Turtle TTL flash trigger. http://trt-electronics.com I know WetPixel is one of their partners, but haven't seen a lot of feedback on them here recently. Looking at buying one to compliment my Nauticam / A7RII setup - and would be good to hear real life feedback. The obvious reason to go with the Turtle TTL Flash Trigger is that it does support TTL. (although I might not use that, usually shooting fully manual, it is a nice thing to be able to do). let me know, Regards, Y.
  9. Hi All, For sale - Nauticam 6" dome port, with neoprene cover, very good condition (marks but no scratches) - Panasonic 7-14 LUMIX G Vario 7-14 lens. (As new) - Nauticam zoom gear for above lens All come in original boxes. If bought as set I include the Panasonic filter holder (for magic filters behind lens, never used) Fits Nauticam housings for micro 4/3 cameras like Olympus OMD em1, em5, Panasonic gh4 All together : $1050 Separate : - Dome $250 (new $750) (comes with neoprene cover) - Lens $725 (new $1000) (if bought in set I add the filter holder) - Zoom gear $125 (new about $225) (All prizes in Ozzie dollar) Gear is located in Perth, Australia. Happy to ship within Australia (buyers cost)
  10. Hi Alex, Do you have the part number for these plates? Are they these : http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=5407 If so, I have them, but they don't allow you to use the brackets between handles and housing - which makes the handles feel flimsy.... Cheers, Yuri
  11. Thanks for letting us know, enjoy the holidays!
  12. Hi Tunicates, No, haven't heard from Steve... :-( Steve, if you are online, could you let us know, you also have a pm ;-) Cheers, Yuri
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