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  1. I realize this is an old thread but are there any updated regulations that would impact traveling with the DS-161 Lithium strobe? I'm ready to buy two of them and don't want any surprises. I've checked the TSA web site. Just curious what real world experiences have been at airports.
  2. Did you ever learn if the Ikelite 5510.24 port works with the Canon 16-35 II (newer design) lens?
  3. Justin What exactly are you thinking of doing? I might be interested but I would need to know how reliable your "invention" is. Failure of a "modified" Ike part is not an option... -Brian
  4. Are there any good non Fish Eye FF lenses for the 5DII (other than the 17-40)? I prefer the look of rectilinear WA lenses and I'm trying not to duplicate the 16-35II. Primes are OK and it sounds like non-Canon lenses are a viable option in this case.
  5. Thanks for your input guys. I don't need a zoom. I just happen to have the 16-35II. I've been using the Canon 10-22mm for quite a while and I shoot everything at 10mm (16mm with 20D crop). I'm going to look into the Sigma 15FE now....
  6. I want to stick with Canon lenses. I did consider the Canon FE but have no experience with FE lenses. I'll look into that. Thanks!
  7. Jean I'm an Ikelite customer right now (20D housing, dual DS-125 strobes, 8" dome, ULCS arms, etc) but the upgrade to the 5DII with 16-35II lens has thrown me off since Ike has no port for that lens. I'm now considering Aquatica. I know nothing about Aqautica housings so here are some really basic questions: 1- Do the Aquatica housings support e-TTL-II like Ike's? 2- Will the Aquatica housings work with DS-125 strobes? 3- I assume my dual sync cables won't work (different housing connectors?). If so, how much are dual sync cords? 4- Will my ULCS arms work with your housing or do I need adapters? I suppose I should visit your web site for this info but you are right here and I haven't had my second cup of coffee yet this am (lazy/tired). Thanks! Brian
  8. I have a complete Ikelite setup for my 20D and use the EFS 10-22mm with the 8" dome port. Great combination and works fine. But, I just bought a 5DII and want to use that UW instead. So, I was about ready to list my 20D, housing, 10-22mm etc on eBay when I learned from the Ike site that the 16-35 Mark II is not supported in an Ike housing. That stopped me in my tracks. I wrongly assumed that most all Canon FF shooters would be using the 16-35II for a WA zoom. I don't want to buy the Mark I version of 16-35 nor the 17-40 as they would duplicate the 16-35II (which works great on land). That leaves me with the $2,000 14mm 2.8. Is this the preferred WA lens for Canon FF folks? This is going to be an expensive upgrade! My 20D gear (camera, housing, 10-22 etc) isn't worth much used. Any suggestions on how I can move to the 5DII other than not using Ikelite?
  9. I've seen the Error 99 message a few times but it's been a while. If I remember correctly when I last researched it, this can be caused by taking several shots quickly. I mean bam, bam, bam, bam. I stopped doing that and haven't had the problem since. I now wait a couple seconds between shots. As I said, I haven't researched this problem in a couple years but that seemed to "fix" the problem for me. I didn't do anything else as far as cleaning contacts, switching lenses, etc. Pulling the battery does fix the problem.
  10. It looks like the Ike housing is available for the 5DII now but.... They don't make a port for the Canon 16-35 II lens! I was ready to get a new housing and port for my 5DII but now I don't know what to do. I'm not interested in buying more lenses right now. The Ike web site says the 16-35II lens diameter is "too large to operate in port system". Time to do more research.....
  11. I've had an Ike housing for my 20D for 3 years and at least a couple hundred dives. Never had a problem with the housing or the two DS125's or any other Ike gear. Works great. I really like Ike housings because I switch camera bodies every 2-3 years and they are much more affordable than aluminum. So, if you get new bodies often Ike is the way to go!
  12. Does anybody have any news/rumors about when Ikelite might have their 5DII housing ready?
  13. I used mine in Cozumel two weeks ago and it worked great. But, I wasn't sure how tightly I should turn the set screws. If I screwed them in enough to really "bite" the shade bulged out. I ended up not cranking them too tight and the shade starting spinning around on the dome after a few dives. I guess I'll tighten the set screws a little tighter.... I agree - it's a great way to protect the dome port and adds to piece of mind when using it.
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