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  1. Des, Your only advantage over the Z220's is power, the Z240's are slightly more powerful than their older brothers. The 220's have shutter activated features, and the 240's have lost the laser. They were really invented to satisfy the market with the message 'this strobe will fit any camera' - meaning that they wanted to offer a fibre optic oprion with 'pseudo sttl', but the slr user has no greater benefit than before. I have two Z220's, and love them, they are easy and quick, and do have modelling light plus aim laser.. great for those learning strobe aim and new lighting styles. I guess the question is: what housing and camera are you using? The only direct competitor is the new YS110 by S&S, and they are $200 cheaper. Hope that helps. regards E
  2. The Olympus evolt 300 is turning out well in the Oly housing so far, but I was very interested in what was mentioned by Tropical 1 / Phil Rudy. The cord you mentioned that was being made for you- who is the guy? Mike Finger? Can you send me his email or forward mine? Reason being that Olympus is not, it seems, ever going to make a Nik V plug ever appear on their housings. Having to be stuck with a housed FL36 is not an ideal choice, even though the flash is a perfectly good unit, the housing is distorting the beam, and the squarish beam of light it throws is awful. Even my Subal housed SB800 isn't that bad, as Subal has put the flash behind a dome. Compared to a Sea+sea 90DX or Inon head or Subtronic for example, which all throw a perfect round beam, the lack of dispersion optics (not diffusers) is what is needed in the FL-36 housing, as the included diffuser sucks away two stops - and I don't feel the user should HAVE to use a diffuser if they want/need a harder light. SO = I would be ordering a LOT of them cords! Viva Mike Finger!? PS wide angle ports due in any day, will do quick dive with 7-14 and get back 2 U Phil. greetings from Grand Cayman Eddy
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