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  1. Wow 0 for 3, maybe I should rethink this whole taking my camera underwater thing!! What exactly did you guys do wrong? Just so I don't make the same mistake. I know that you have to make sure that the O-ring is PERFECTLY clean but what else can go wrong? Over all the Canon housing seems like the way to go. Is it worth using at all with out a stobe? Thanks agian Guys and Girls you have all been a great help.
  2. Ah yes the imfamous Woolshed... From what I still remember I had a lot fun there. Seems to me there was a lot of table dancing and VB.
  3. I have a Cannon S45 and I just started looking for housings for it. The first on I found is the one that Cannon sells. Who else makes housings for this camera? I looked at Ikelite and Sea and Sea but could not find anything specific for this camera. Is the Cannon housing any good? I am wondering about using a stobe. I have read here that I can get a srobe from Sea and Sea to use with my camera I just don't know what housing to use. Thanks a lot
  4. I dove in Cairns in 2001 and I would deffinatly rent a camera. We dove with Taka on a 4 day 3 night trip up to the Cod Hole and then back down to Cairns. You will love it. Taka had a decent boat, good food and most importantly not too many divers. We had a Sea and Sea 35mm point and shoot with a macro lens and had very good sucsess.
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