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  1. Thank you! I watched a video on how to "shoot the Mola Mola" credited to Underwater Tribe. Is it the same dive shop?
  2. Thank you Kadekdiver! Actually, I inquired with Wicked Diving first because of the good reviews I read online about your liveaboard experience. However, I was told by your staff that the boat was not particularly well set up for a photographer with the equipment I'll be using. I was told I would probably find a larger boat more specialized for my larger camera system better experience. Thank you again for the information, I have planned a August/September visit to catch Mola Mola season and hopefully avoid the larger tourist crowd of June/July. Thanks again!
  3. I'm looking forward to it as a great opportunity to photograph otherworldly creatures and primal beauty that really brings out the joy in life & living. I've been to Isla Guadalupe with the Great Whites,, Galapagos with the schooling Hammer Heads,, and now Komodo Islands and the Dragon are my next adventure into the Mystic! Something special about the very remote and primal islands that really captivates & inspires me. Haha!! I've decided to arrange full moon for Bali and climbing Mount Agong. I was also told by Lanny at Mermaid that Full Moon attracts the Mola Mola at Nusa Penida.. I'm really getting excited about the adventure and researching the dive sites, landmarks, wildlife & history of the area. Thank you for your suggestions and information.
  4. Just for information requested in above thread, I have the Nauticam 7" Dome Port for the 12-40mm Pro lens. It will be my lens for large marine life *sharks, mantas, turtles, etc* and wide angle. I also was excited to get the port for creative over/under shots. In researching the ports that can be used with this lens its a very short list, including Zen domes with extensions. I never discovered a flat lens port for this lens. I don't believe one exits. The lens itself is too large in diameter for the flat ports unless something new has come out in the last few months for it.
  5. The comparison images of the 12-50 vs. the 60mm Macro are quite good!! Very powerful way of showing just how much better the 60mm Macro really is.. Excellent Shots Troporobo!!
  6. Thank you Saga7! I'm thinking I'm gonna shoot for end of July/August as to be in the Mola Mola season for Bali as well as maybe have a greener Komodo than later when it will be completely brown. Also, I think that gets me into a better "current" friendly time. I recently dove Galapagos, so, currents are fun as long as the Panga driver knows where to look for you! Haha!! we all wore GPS & emergency radio beacons for this contingency.. So, thank you for mentioning the Moon as I actually was planning my trip around being at Komodo during full moon. I have a Vision of a Landscape photo of the Full Moon over a bay with the boat anchored... Haha,, maybe I should reconsider a full moon over a Bali Temple instead?? You make a good point for me to consider. I looked at your album on Komodo! Your macro images are sublime. So many very good ones!! Your equipment appears to have been rigged for great macro images. Super crisp colors and tack sharp images in those Clowny Shots... all of your macros. Its obviously what you enjoy shooting and they are amazing! What gear are you using? I'm going to be taking my OMD E-M1 with two lens, the 12-40mm Pro in a 7" dome and my 60mm Macro with a Nauticam CMC on flip diopter.. Would you say the diving is pretty evenly split on wide angle dives vs. macro dives? After much consideration, I think I'm going to go with the Mermaid II Liveaboard and do the Bali-Komodo-Bali excursion. I have found the company's response to my emails and the reviews posted to be very positive and helpful. I agree with you after watching the YouTube videos, diving from Bali-Komodo-Bali offer's great variety. Like diving in Galapagos, very different diving along the islands proper, then navigating out to Wolf & Darwin Islands & diving there, but, I very much enjoyed the whole experience & exposure to difference in areas. I believe that is what you are pointing out to me. Thank you!
  7. Looking to buy a used Nauticam Port 65 for Olympus 60mm Macro, Nauticam CMC diopter and the Nauticam Flip Diopter Holder for 67mm threads. Shipping to United States.
  8. Aldijo2 I have not yet had my rig underwater. I am planning a dive trip to Komodo to break it in! Will be later this year, however, I might go wreck diving on a aircraft carrier near me if I decide to wait longer in the year before going to Komodo. I'll update this thread when I do. All I can say at this point is that the floats are far cheaper than the Nauticam carbon fiber float arms of the same size & bouyancy and the service getting them to me from DiverVision was 5 days from Taiwan to U.S. after placing order. The end caps are aluminum vs. plastic on the Nauticam arms. They look great,, time will tell if they are durable and don't leak like I've read some other carbon arms to do. Not much information out there on this brand.
  9. Thank you E.Viking.. I will continue to research the Mola Mola diving in Bali for best times to see them. Thank you Liz for your recommendations and a link to your images. Love the shots and your advice regarding technique, lighting, etc. I intend to read them all, however, I have already read the blog about backlighting the tiny critters & ribbon eel. I am going to be using my OMD EM-1 for the first time here. I will be shooting with my 12-40mm PRO in a 7" dome and my 60mm Macro with the Nauticam CMC diopter. Haha,, its my first professional quality rig and I hope to take some good images & video. I will be using the drone just as your friend did and looking to get some cool video both in the air and under the waves to remember my adventure!! Great website you have, its really generous of you to share your photography and your knowledge of underwater photography skills. Thank you both!
  10. There will always be a better camera no matter what you buy. When I got my E-M1 I was satisfied that it was the best choice out there as I moved from my decade of using a Nikon, to the travel friendly 4/3 format. A few months later the E-M5ii came out and I felt cheated. LoL! Thankfully, my E-M1 has had continued updates since I bought mine about a year after its release including special exposure setting & white balance for underwater use. Its recent 4.0 update added many new features and improved image stabilization for its video capture. I am very excited to say its like getting a new camera. However, if you would rather wait on the rumored E-M1ii and a new 20 megapixel sensor,, it looks like September will be the release date. That's along time to wait if you have the money to go dive now. No idea if you'll have to get a new Nauticam or not, but, hopefully Olympus will leave the case and buttons alone as they are near perfection. However, the new E-M5ii got a redo of its controls to more approximate the controls of the E-M1 than the smaller old controls of the E-M5. Its case stayed the same dimensions I believe.
  11. Thank you Saga7! I have actually inquired with them and had them on a short list for meeting my needs & price range. Good to hear you've had such a positive experience with them! Since you've been 7 times, would you have an opinion of the "best" time to go?? I intend to use a drone as well for aerials and the Komod Islands look really cool in green during April, May, June.. however, it seems that Mantas aren't seen as easily during those months. What was your favorite time and why to dive Komodo? Also, any experience diving Bali? I would like to do a Mola Mola excursion and dive the Liberty Wreck during my stay there. Any advice or recommendations for Dive Shops catering to those excursions would be great! Thank you again!!
  12. I'm planning a trip to Bali/Komodo for July of this year and am interested in any recommendaitons for liveaboard dive operations in the area. My plan is to spend a 7day trip on a liveaboard in the Komodo Islands and then explore Bali and dive for some Mola Mola and the Liberty wreck while staying on the island. Is it better to navigate from Bali to Komodo and back, or, fly from Bali to Luan Bajo and catch a liveaboard there? Suggestions also apprecated for Dive Shops to help me photography Mola Mola and unique dives around Bali after Komodo excursion. Thanks in advance for your suggestions and information.
  13. Received my 6" 18ounce/510gram buoyancy arms from Diver Vision online store. I also ordered 3" YS adapter arms as well. Quality looks fantastic especially when the price was $75-10 per arm respectively. Much cheaper than Nauticam's comparable carbon fiber and aluminum adapter arms. $30 shipping from Taiwan to US delivered in 4 days from shipment.
  14. I have a Olympus UFL-2 Strobe and I'll be adding a i-Torch Venom 50 video light. I've been looking at photographs of the setups for the buoyancy arms with lights and it seems that most are using 3 segments. Is that so you can twist the lgiht at the tip to position it for different shots? I'm trying to understand why hanging the light off the end of a 5" inch segment wouldn't suffice instead of using and additional clamp and a very short ball/YS adapter on the other end of the clamp to mount the lights??
  15. Debbie, I'm trying to put my system together for a EM-1, I have the Nauticam case and a 7" dome for my 12-40mm Pro,, I'm going to use a couple carbon fiber arms for buoyancy and I'm trying to determine whats best for holding a strobe and a light... 4 clamps and 4 arms (two 5" YS and two 8" carbon fiber float arms), or, 6 clamps with a short YS/ball adapter for the last clamp? Were you using a setup like this? I'm definitely down for the clamps, but, I'm trying to decide if I should just buy all six and maybe a couple of your arms? Do you have any recommendation about why one setup might be better than the other? This is my first "Pro" setup.. my current rig is a simple 12" pair of flexible arms with YS mounts at the end. Thanks for your reply.
  16. Would be interested in 4 clamps if you are willing to break up and they are the "standard" Nauticam clamps? Also, if any of the 5" arm segments are "ball to YS strobe arms" I would be interested in 2 of those?
  17. Interested in the Flip Holder only if you will consider breaking up?
  18. I would really like to know more about this light as well. Particularly with the remote control. Seems like a lot of light and features for the money.
  19. Interested in focus gear for 60mm macro. PM me if its still available?
  20. Excellent information about the CMC and back button autofocus. I learned alot about setting up my camera E-M1 for macro work and I definitely want to get the CMC now. AweSome photos!
  21. DPreview has released its review of the new Micro 4/3 M.Zuiko 8mm and 7-14mm PRO lenses. I'm still saving for the 40-150mm PRO... and loving my 12-40mm PRO. The 8mm FishEye is a f1.8 arpeture... would be an interesting lens underwater. Very Pricey Glass!! http://www.dpreview.com/articles/7601856401/hands-on-with-new-olympus-pro-8mm-and-7-14mm-lenses
  22. I would be interested in the 60mm Macro port, assuming it is the Port 65 with 67mm threads.
  23. Sounds like your replacement battery is weak or dead as well. Did you try another battery?
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