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  1. Looking to buy a 140mm Nauticam N120 glass port for parts purposes. I'm interested in the dome shade. The glass can be in any condition, including completely shattered. All I want is the shade, and even that can be scratched up. My shade is cracked (don't ask why ...) and I need to replace the removable shade ring. If you have the port, this is your chance to get some money out of an otherwise trashed port!
  2. Note to anyone interested; the auction is closing tomorrow (May 21) in the afternoon (US, eastern time).
  3. Just posted the item on eBay. Please contact me if interested. It is eBay item number 114223822985. See pictures for condition.
  4. I just posted one for sale on eBay. It is eBay item number 114223822985. Please let me know if you are interested.
  5. I’d like to use Aquatica ports on a Nauticam housing. The adapter that Nauticam made is no longer available.
  6. Attached are a few more pictures requested by folks.
  7. For sale, 6 month old Aquatica housing for the Nikon D850, includes vacuum system. This unit has optical bulkheads and the moisture / vacuum alarm system installed. I've decided to move into mirrorless, so this housing is up for sale. The unit is in great condition, and has been completely dry inside throughout its diving history. I've had the unit on about 50 dives. There is some normal wear to the exterior, and one scratch on the viewing window. All photographs in this listing are of the actual unit. You will receive: AD850 housing with all original Aquatica literature, O rings, and shipping box. One vacuum port (installed). The matching vacuum pump and gauge. Aquatica optical flash adapter (for the D850) Aquatica hex wrench. New, this would be $3219 from Backscatter, I am asking $2200 and I will pay the shipping. Contact me via Wetpixel messages for offers or comments. Should you want any more pictures, please ask. I accept PayPal for payment.
  8. Please PM me, I would like to buy the 6 inch port, if you will sell it separately. gary
  9. Anybody interested in selling one?
  10. Looking to buy a 6 inch Aquatica dome, if anybody has one. I'm OK with refinishing the dome, if the price is right. gk
  11. Just wanted to let everybody know that I have a used Ikelite D700 housing, 8 inch dome, and other miscellaneous up for sale on Ebay. The auction number is 111119600687. Included is the housing, 8 inch dome, extension ring for the Nikon 16mm lens, a new style TTL sync type cord, an extension arm, lens rings, and some spare parts. The equipment is in decent shape. Not new, obviously, but something I would dive with. I've moved on to Aquatica, if you're wondering. gk
  12. Anybody got a D100 housing that they want to sell? I'd like to set up an old D100 as a backup. My main housings are Ikelite, so I have Ikelite ports and could do with just the housing. Alternately, I'd also like to hear if anybody has other brand housings, if you'll throw in a port or two (I normally shoot a 16mm or 60 mm lens). Gary
  13. Cleaning house ... Ebay item 110447789116. Nearly new 60 mm flat port with adjusting knob. Bought, then used only a few times. Time to sell what I don't use. PM me if you have any questions. gary
  14. Just wanted everybody to know that I'm up to some house cleaning. I've got a Ikelite D100 (Nikon) housing up for sale on Ebay. It it item 110447795896. Included is a dome port, I used it with the Nikon 20mm lens. This is one of the 'new' style, all acrylic, housings as used in current generation products (ie no aluminum back plate). The housing is in near new shape (25 or so dives). The port is OK, but has some wear light scratches and such. FYI, if your shooting a D100. Head over to Ebay. Listed with starting auction price of $400. PM me if you have questions. gary
  15. If anyone's interested in a Ikelite D100 housing, I just put mine on eBay. It is item number 110289681059. This is one of the metal-backed units, as opposed to the all polycarbonate units sold more recently. It does have the same SuperEye magnifier that's on the current models. The housing is in good condition, and the strobe connector is an Ikelite type with clean, corrosion free, pins. I had this housing reconditioned in January and have not used it since. Ikelite replaced all the seals and pressure tested the unit as a part of their process. I had been giving thought to keeping the housing as a spare, buy have decided to sell it instead. gary
  16. ANYBODY else have a D100 housing that they want to sell? Surely there must be unused housings out there. Treasure in the attic ...
  17. Looking to buy a used Ikelite D100 housing. I am specifically interested in the newer style all lexan housing type. Contact me by PM if you have anything to offer. Also have one of the older metal-backed units, reconditioned by Ikelite in January & never in the water since. If anyone wants this. please let me know (no, it's not free!!). gary
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