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  1. Price can be discussed, of course.
  2. Price can be discussed, of course.
  3. Designed for Canon 100mm F2.8 L with Metabones adapter, comes with the focus ring for that, but also works with Sony 90mm F2.8 macro (e-Mount). Includes adapter, focus ring, front-port ZEN for the Canon lens, and front-port Subal for the Sony lens with Saga dive flip holder. CHF 700 / USD 730 / EUR 650. Will ship to anywhere in this solar system at risk and cost of buyer, to be discussed.
  4. Zeiss Touit 12mm, Zen 170mm dome port, adapter (there are two adapters, but nobody ask me why, I think it might be because the newer one can be used for the 16-70mm as well) for Sony NEX/A6*-Series in Nauticam N85 housing. All used, but everything in great condition, no damage at all. CHF 1'500 / EUR 1400 / USD 1550. Located in Switzerland, will ship to anywhere in this solar system at cost and risk of the buyer, to be discussed.
  5. Used, but OK in every aspect. Comes with neoprene bag. Apologies, forgot the price: CHF 650 / EUR 620 / USD 680. Located in Switzerland, will ship to anywhere in this solar system at cost, to be paid by the buyer.
  6. Would have to be shipped to Switzerland - sorry, forgot about that.
  7. Housing only, I'm good with the rest. Might be tempted to buy another camera, though. Must be in good condition, ready to dive.
  8. Shot it this summer on my 7D2 behind a 170 Zen dome. Not sure if I got the port extension right. but It's certainly not bad with a 40mm port extension, AF works pretty well, but it's not as sharp as, say, the 8-15mm Canon.
  9. If you find a housing that takes an LA-EA2 oder -EA4, call me. That thing is BIG. If there was one, you could use Minolta AF lenses with fast AF, some of which are pretty good. LA-EA3, in my experience, does not work that well. Got my MC-11 yesterday, and it seems to work with a lot of lenses that are not listed as compatible by Sigma. That's on a A7R2. Haven't tested everything yet.
  10. Hm, "fast AF" with the Metabones is relative, in my experience, even on a A7R2 (which I use on land). True, the wider the lens, the better it works (usually), but even with the 8-15mm, AF is not "snappy". And I did have some problems underwater with the Metabones, losing contact to the lens - and then you're done, as restarting the camera doesn't solve the problem, you have to remove the adapter from the camera. Camera still works in that situation, but only at base aperture (again, not that dramatic in a wide angle, more of a problem with a macro lens at F2.8). Not many people are experimenting with the smaller Sony mirrorless cameras. Even I have switched to a Canon 7D2 now, from a NEX-6. Housing / zoom gear is a pi.t.a. for the combo of small mirrorless housings and large lenses. I made the Canon fisheye work, with a zoom gear I found somewhere and the base adapter Zen built for the Metabones / Canon macro combo. You probably can't use the internal zoom gear of your housing. Best combo I had for WA on the Sony was the Zeiss Touit 12mm, but, as you noted, not that suited for CFWA.
  11. Brand of housing not that important, has to be aluminium, and take 67mm wet-lenses. Camera and housing have to be in very good condition. Not interested in accessories (tray, strobes etc.), only camera + housing, and has to be RX100 MK2. Shipping to Europe required. Give me fair price. Paypal required, for buyer protection.
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