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  1. The item has been sold!
  2. Selling my complete Nauticam rig, feel free to ask anything! Here is the list of all items included: - NA-D7000V (very good condition, annual serviced in Nauticam last year, never flooded) - Nikon D7000 (almost new - 6.300 actuations) - Nauticam 20mm extension ring (almost new, never flooded) - Nauticam 8.5 acrylic dome port (almost new, never flooded) - 2x Sea&Sea YS-110a strobe (very good condition, manual and TTL settings, never flooded) - Tokina 10-17 fisheye lens (almost new, never flooded) - Nauticam zoom ring for Tokina 10-17 - Fiber optic cables - 4 arms + 6 clamps I prefer to sell it as a kit for €2000 Based in Prague, Czech Republic. Can be shipped anywhere, prefered payment via PayPal. PM or email at info@davidblazek.cz for more photos, info, etc... Thanks for watching! David
  3. Title says it all Thanks, David
  4. !!Price Drop!! Nikkor 10-24 AFS 1:3.5-4.5 ED €400 Nauticam Zoom Gear N1224 €100
  5. Nauticam 8.5” Acrylic Dome Port and Nauticam Extension Ring 50 with lock have been SOLD.
  6. PM sent! Thanks, David
  7. The dome has two marks on the acrylic so the price is very low. Extension Ring is AS NEW. The Zoom Gear is for 12-24 but can be used on 10-24 (tested). The lens is in perfect condition. Can be sold separately! Attached photo was taken with this kit. Buyers pay shipping. Nauticam 8.5” Acrylic Dome Port SOLD Nauticam Extension Ring 50 with lock €120 Nauticam Zoom Gear N1224 €120 Nikkor 10-24 AFS 1:3.5-4.5 ED €500
  8. Nauticam zoom gear in mint condition. Can be used on Nikkor 10-24 without any problems (tested). Asking for €130 plus shipping.
  9. I did and it fits. The plastic inner ring is aprox. 5mm thinner (top to bottom) so you may use some plastic strap to fill the space but if you have all those tiny rubber spacers it holds on it's place.
  10. Looking for Nauticam zoom gear for Nikkor 10-24. Contact me at info@davidblazek.cz
  11. Just finished mine couple day ago. Took me almost four hours but that was only because I really wanted to have it crystal clear and had to repeat few steps back again. Here are some tips for everyone who wants to try it: - get Micro-Mesh NC-78-1 (Europeans can use this shop: http://www.sylmasta.com/acatalog/Micro-Mesh-Micro-Mesh-NC-78-1-Kit---Plastic-Wood---Paint-531.html#SID=372#SID=372 - take your time, be prepared for repeating the whole process if something goes wrong - use some lamp to look through the port so you can see all the scratches - put few towels on the table you will work on - use air blower if you have any so you can clean in from the dust when needed - start brushing it WET in straight lines (this is very important!) - once you have have it brushed all over, rotate 90º and start with next sand paper in straight lines again - now you can clearly see if you covered all the lines from the brushing from the step before (remeber, if you not brush it COMPLETELY you will NOT be able to clear the older deeper lines anymore). Use the light to look through the port, especialy in the edges! - go step by step to finish it with the finest 12000 paper - if you did everything right you should be able to do final polishing with Micro-Gloss Liquid Abrasive and the port should look like new - at the end use the Anti-Static Cream to clean the port - for cleaning the port use ONLY Flannel Cloths which are included with this kit This is the knowledge I have from polishing my port, will be happy if this will help to anyone else
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    This item has been sold!
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    ***Price drop to €280.00***
  14. Already got mine. Thanks for an offer anyway!
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  17. Thank you all! I'll get in touch with both of them to see their offers.) David
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