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  1. the 60mm and 10.5 seem to be the workhorse lenses of most of the uw photographers i have spoken to.
  2. honestly i would have shelled extra just to get the nikon 12-24 but the fact that the wide end went to 10mm ultimately made me favor the sigma. 2mm makes a huge difference in my opinion
  3. guys am going to get the sigma 10-20 over the nikon 12-24. i am quite happy with the sample pics taken. i ahvent seen a port for this lens but will aquaticas port for the 12-24 work? thanks
  4. im in the same boat as you but im decided on the d70s. as for the lenses i share your enthucias, for the sigma 10-20. i like the shots i have seen from this lens. also considering an 60mm macro as an all around versatile lens for fish portreature and close macro. id love to get the 10.5 but not anytime soon
  5. im quite curious too see how your experiment turns out. been wondering myself about an uw stabilizing tool. post pics
  6. thanks a lot james, much appreciated. there are pretty much mixed reviews on this lens. i am no pro nor do i aspire to be one. i can only say that if i get the 18-200vr it is only becasue i need an all around lens to learn with. i like the range. was thinking of getting the awesome 17-55 but seems a bit limited for my needs. remember i know nothing of slrs.
  7. nice pics Strmko2. did you take this with the sigma 10-20? i am leaning towards the sigma at this point and i like the added wideness. certainly a noticeable difference between the 12-24. im quite curious of the 10-17. any news?
  8. if i am not mistaken those are not corrected pictures. uw the fisheye seems to shine whereas on land its another story
  9. nope no wrecks, just shooting reef scenes and corals. i guess the 12-24 is good. im actually considering the 10-20 sigma. i like that its wider .
  10. just one last lens question, fisheye or the 12-24? i have spoken to many uw photographers and they have all unanimously said that the 10.5 fisheye is their money lens uw. since this is ultra wide (weitwinkel) can this scrap out the 12-24 altogether? if i ever were to get the 12-24 i most likely would leave it at 12m full time. some opinions? thanks
  11. i agree am actually considering the 10.5 fisheye but will get it when the hosuing is a done deal. wont be using the fisheye on land anyway unless i get the rectilinear software. 60mm is also a done deal
  12. how does it perform topside? any limitations?
  13. for topside i would just want an overall lens that would work. im getting my first slr and the 18-200vr for eveything unforyunalely it cant be used uw. the 17-55 would be good topside but mediocre uw. im thinking 18-200 top and 60mm starter uw lens
  14. guys i am considering many lenses but since this will be my first slr i am going to have to make a small compromise. i will defintely have to make do with my land lenses for uw and not vice versa. since i have a limited budget, im considering the 17-55mm or 60mm macro and 18-200mmvr. the 17-55 is great on land and do-able uw. option two is 60mm macro, great on land and uw while the 18-200 is only for land. please give me advice as i dont want to have buyers regret. budget about $1300 for lenses thanks
  15. im checking out the lenses now. looks promising:)
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