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  1. Do you know about an article or a post? showing examples of the same WA pics ( more or less ~) with the same camera and lens.... but with 3 different domes ? like 4" , 6" , and 8/9" I'm looking for the explanations but more the actual pics examples ?
  2. Hi all ​Interesting discussion.... I am waiting for one of the "heavy cannon brands" ...or maybe the small/unknown ones...to launch "the solution " that should be already born in my opinion>>>> for all the DSLR/Reflex underwater housings/cameras : 1. Monitor >> that is connected to a micro camera >> that is placed on the camera view finder! yes yes.... instead of the optical "old "wet /external viewfinder. if you try to put your smartphone camera directly on your camera viewfinder, you will understand the potential so simple and so obvious! 2. light weight! thin monitor....the technology exists already! 3. THE MOST SIMPEL WAY FOR MONITOR ....SMARTPHONE MONITOR! in an universal minimal housing that you buy once...and you can place any smartphone . and control only the screen or more via an APP
  3. I am with the same dilemma this days...I am with Nikon D7200 I think the answer should be different, whether it is feeding station ​or sharks/big fish at the wild.... At the wild you will find the 10mm,even on Dx camera, not so effective and 17mm...much better = but not always That is why I am going to try also Kenko X1.4 , on my next diving trip
  4. You are right of course....but let me try to explain better my question first of all I am already working in the same concept you describe...the "Interchangeable" way, with the Sony A6000 and 90mm macro (fantastic!) lens , and 10-18 wide angel lens. both are sony. I like this set up very much! but I don't have fisheye...with Sony So I decided to add Nikon D7200 = only because of the tokina 10-17 fisheye lens.( My housing let me use 2 cameras or more) I am new to nikon, and don't know about setup options .... I don't need macro lens or wide angel lens or fisheye lens. I already use them I simply looking for as much as possiable flexiable lens...to try and see what are the possibilities THANKS ======== Now I see I post it by mistake on the wrong section Sorry..... Managers = Please move it ...if possible ? ======= .
  5. I am actually looking for a "point and shoot " zoom style lens with macro capabilities, for my nikon D7200 a lens, also with proper wide ...even without the dome effect
  6. WOW ! Thx for the test and the sharing...I just saw it now I is very interesting to see a comparison, also to white Dome diffuser.... how will the light spread ​Did you check this too or know about a test like this ?
  7. Looking for a good resort/diving club at Sinai Peninsula - Red sea, That has the "know how" to work with underwater photographers I would like to focus on Sharm El Sheikh, Tiran Island , Ras mohammed etc. ​any recommendations? Many Thanks
  8. I don't think I will have problem placing the EA4 / 2 ....but I will have to check it of course I'm using the Easydive Wi3 housing - that is a multi universal housing and has a lot of space inside it ( I even combine a power bank made of 2 X 18650 panasinic batteries that gives me full diving day with 4 dives and upto 1200 shoots....without replaceing the battery ) I am hesitating to buy a solution that I didn"t see how it is actually working ​I thought that the matabone + 10-17 Tokina is a winner
  9. one of the reasons the autofocus is slow ...is that this adaptor apply only 15 AF points in the center ....instead of the all 179 points on the A6000 for example
  10. .....it is good idea I know. I thought about it (LA-EA2 is the Aps-c model) and tried to ask sigma if they know it will work - and they don't I'm trying to find out if someone actually test it THX
  11. On Metabones Lens compatibility chart >> under " Fast AF on all E-mount cameras" they also listed the Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 DX for Canon Did you have / heard about any actual experience with this combo? THX!
  12. mmmm.....yes I've just checked it too - very strange they didn't solve this... you should expect it to work with all native Sigma APS-C lens...no? Any way, How would be the combination of the Metabones Mk IV with Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 DX , in your opinion? Or other solution for quality fisheye? on the sony A6000? THX!
  13. The new Sigma MC-11 adapter has very good results with the sony E-mount and the Sigma 10mm fisheye (APS-C) also looks very promising with great reviews and 13.5cm Minimum Focusing Distance. What do you think about this combination....with the Sony A6000, for underwater photography? CWFA etc.?
  14. THX I use the 10-18 much less than the 90mm....so there is only few pics. sorry ( I'm simply addicted to the 90mm ) I intend to use it more in the future About your question regarding the focus options limitation...it is actually quite the opposite. No limitations I can control all the camera functions , including Menu Entry and Focus modes
  15. [emoji4] I can answer only from my experience..... The f / s / iso ergonomic panel....is one of the edges here! really. It is hard to imagine how After few times you get addicted to the simplicity of controlling 80% of the actual needs, in one hand. Including the trigger. It is amazing! 3kg is a little bit heavy out of water, yes . But it is no more heavy than other metal housings brands. In my case it is 4 pounds heavier than my previous housing The no EVF magnification is a problem to some. Yes I know that they are working on that. And it will be available soon I use X3 LCD magnifier that warks great About actual pics...they are oprating for more than 15 years, they have many users. I was asking them about that before I bought mine. And contact few. I am using the sony 90mm macro with a flat port. And the 10-18mm with 6' dome You can see my pics from the link at my signature I only use this housing for few months, yes. And it is really amazing :-) Another importent edge is the price. It is definitely not cheap housing....but! My calculation showed me that it is much cheaper than nauticam.....with my 2 lens. Mostly becous of the ports etc. And don't forget that you don't need to change housing when you want to upgrade your camera, or even change brand For me it made a big difference Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  16. Easydive housings from Italy - launches the first underwater housing, compatible with the sony A6300 https://www.facebook.com/easydivefan/posts/546449365537140?pnref=story And as a Sony A6000 Owner that uses their Leo3 Wi housing I'm very very happy! Why ? Because I can Upgrade only the camera to the new sony A6300....And I don't need to upgrade the housing More than that....I can even upgrade to Sony A7r II or Any A7....And use the same housing that I already have ( Or even" cross the lines" to canon / nikon or panasonic and still use with the same housing) Easydive's "Multi Adaptive" housings concept is, in my opinion, the most innovative " out of the box" concept in the underwater photography word today. I was counting on that when I choose Easydive's "Leo3 Wi" housing model for my Sony A6000 ... And I'm very glad to be able to just upgrade my camera easy with no " new housing" costs After more than 100 dives with this housing I can say only good things about it. realy! It is very ergonomic balanced in the water....and very easy to use.
  17. THX for the feedback - If there is no AF it cancels the option.....for me What is your opinion....on the other option. as an upgrade to the current setup - but not a real macro ?
  18. Yes I know about the sony 90mm ($1100) new macro lens but trying to check one of this 2 options: 1. The canon 60mm macro + adapter ( commlite ) : total $500 2. Sigma 60mm + extension tube + a diopter(+10) : total $300 The second option, is very similar to the way I'm shooting today ....with the 16-50 lens,and with surprising results (And I already have a diopter) ....but with by far much better and sharper lens The first one is a great macro lens ! with one of the best adaptors today....but the AF will not be the fastest.... so I don't know if it will be a good WORKING SOLUTION What do you think ? has any one tried one of this combinations .
  19. the shutter/trigger is ok....but in my opinion , not for a $1650 housing!....(when the EM1 cost 1850 and has flexitray and 2 triggers ! ) Nauticam fix this ( partly) with a special solution to be used with a flexitray - cost only $60http://scubasupply.nordicshops.com/product.html/shutter-release-nauticam http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=8394
  20. Hi all I can't decide between this two : UWL-H100 28M67 Wide Conversion Lens Type1/Type2 or UWL-100 Achromat Wide Conversion Lens Type1/Type2 which one is beter for my Sony a6000 meikon housing setup? (I'm using the 16-50mm lens) and Type I or II ? Many THX .
  21. Don't you think that it is weird ? I mean it is by far one of the most cost effective cameras + by far one of the best cameras in the market! How come that : Nauticam : developed a basic - "not been focused on"....housing like they developed for the Olympus M1 = a much better housing, or even the GH4 SEA&SEA : a JOKE Housing with poor port solutions ? . Shouldn't you expect : that a mirrorless camera - that cost only 650$ ? and is beating many other DSLR cameras? - become a best seller - especially underwater?
  22. Hi all I want to book a diving trip to the : > Batangas-Anilao > Puerto-Galera I am a photographer and It will be my first time at the philippines .... I want to point out that the service = focused on photographing? is the most important thing for me ....! Few questions to all the heavy cannon here 1. I've heard that this year / 2015 is a dry season - at the philippines? And I prefer to book my trip at the first week of september 9/8/15 to 9/18/15 6 days at Anilao + 5 more days at PG 2. is September 2015 a a risky date ? to combine this to sites ? >> If No and to your opinion, September it is ok/GREAT at 2015 ? what should I expect as a photographer, the locals diving teams/ club attitude will be.....as offseason? or as any season ( important! ) >> If YES - and september 2015 is too risky season to book a diving trip to this 2 sites together? What would you advise the nearest date can be? 3. At Batangas-Anilao - I have heard about " Club Ocellaris " Diving + accommodation >> Has anyone tried it / can recommend ? >> Looking for contact name and email ? ( weird thing there are no contact info at there site and no prices at tripadvisor) At Poerto-Gallera I have heard about Atlantis Dive Resorts >> Has anyone tried it / can recommend ? 4. Any other tips or thoughts will be much appreciated Many thx
  23. I have Meikon + sony A6000 + the 16-50mm lens set up Did anyone actually succeeded to use the 30mm Sony Macro ? with this housing port ?
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