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  1. This Nauticam Macro Port 87 is designed for housings supporting the N120 Port System. The front of the port has integrated 67mm threads for accessories. It fits the DSLR line (120) for DSLR cameras such as the Nikon D810, D850 and Canon D5 line. Anything in the Nauticam 120 size.


    Condition is excellent.


    Asking $250. Includes shipping to any CONUS address. Payment via PayPal. 3 Day return for a full refund policy applies!






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  2. This Nauticam D810 housing is in excellent shape and has seen only a moderate amount of use over the last couple of years. It comes with the all important vacuum sealing pump mechanism. There are a couple of small scratches on the bottom as would be expected. Otherwise it is in overall excellent condition. This is the perfect camera system for someone who is upgrading from another system. Message me with any questions that you may have.


    Includes the housing and owners manual.


    Asking $1600 which includes shipping at my expense to a CONUS address. Payment to be via PayPal. Like all my equipment sales I offer a 3 day inspection to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you're not you may return it for a full refund, less shipping charges.







  3. I agree with those lens recommendations made above. The Sigma 15 for wide angle and the 105 for macro will make you very happy! Do consult the Nauticam port charts if that's the housing you are using as their recommendations for the proper port, etc. are spot on! Have fun with the camera. I took some fabulous shots with my D800.



  4. Anyone using a Sony RX 100 version 1 out there I need some help. Is there a way to set the live view so that it will show a bright image underwater and NOT the image based on the settings? For example if I set it at 1/125, f/5.6 and ISO 100 and am in any reasonable depth of water the screen is so dark I can't see what I am focusing on!


    Likewise, if shooting macro, even in shallow (10') water with the camera set at 1/125, f/11+ and ISO of 100 it is again so dark that I can't focus. There has to be a way to fix this because I've seen some great shots from a RX100 version 1.


    Huge thanks for replies.




    J Walker

  5. I have a Subal housing for a Nikon D7000 which, I presume, will work for you. The moisture electronics are shot but otherwise the housing is fully functional. It has a large Subal port for use with a WA lens. If this is of interest I would be glad to give you a super deal on it as i just don't use it anymore. I would take $500 for the kit. Payment via PayPal and I'll cover shipping. Interested?

  6. Doug from my experience this is a simple decison for you. The Sigma 15mm is a superb lens and you can use the smaller 4" dome port with it. If you go to the 16 - 35 then you have to use the large dome port and the larger the better. Swimming with that big dome port after a whale, manta, shark, etc. is like trying to push a piece of plywood through the water. I know because I have done it and it's both tiring and frustrating.


    Good luck and love the whale shot!



  7. I am selling my Nikon D800 and Nauticam housing only because I have just purchased a D810 / Nauticam combo for the D810's video functionality. Both the D800 and the Nauticam housing are 9's. The base of one of the Nauticam handles has a slight crack in it. I can't find the English version of the Owner's guide for the D800. I am sure it is around here some where! Otherwise there are no issues with either. They were purchased less than a year ago and only went on 3 dive trips. I am asking $4800 for the pair but will sell separately at $1995 for the D800 and $2995 for the Nauticam housing. I will entertain reasonably offers. Price includes shipping within the CONUS. Payment via PayPal. Purchaser will have 3 days to check out the equipment and return it for a full refund it it is not as I have described.


    Though I am new to Wetpixel I have excellent feedback from transactions on FredMiranda.com with the username "JWalker" where I have been a member since 2004.


    I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in either or both pieces.







  8. Greetings from sunny but chilly South Carolina. Winter is finally gripping us so it's time to head south to the BVI's for a bit of diving and UW photography. My UW photography interests range from big animals to small stuff. Looking forward to some great diving and posting a few pics here as a new member!


    Jamie Walker

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