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  1. I have a pair of these. I have no batteries. Double chargers. Willing to let go for a bargain if someone will use them. I loved mine.
  2. bigmak

    Fs: ys-d3

    Still in the box? Interested in both.
  3. The batteries are impossible to find. Do you have more then two?
  4. Any of these arms still available?
  5. I am interested in the 180 degree view finder if you want to sell off some pieces.
  6. WTB - Nauticam 45 degree Viewfinder
  7. I am interested in the gear if you will split it from the lens.
  8. Can you confirm if the whole system is still for sale?
  9. is this whole system still for sale?
  10. It appears to be a great system. But my Canon 500D and lenses means I have to find a Nikon D800 camera body and lenses to justify. Which I have been looking for but have not found a good deal yet. I keep looking.
  11. Do you have an all in one price? What is the shutter count on the camera?
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