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    Flores island, Azores archipelago
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    Canon HF 200
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    Ikelite 6091
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    Led light - Mangrove Videocompact VC-4L6
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    Flexible arm LOC LINE
  1. The Flores Island is located in the Azores Western Group, on the North American Plate and the largest of the islands that make up that group. It occupies an area of 141.7 kmĀ², mostly made up of mountainous terrain, characterized by large ravines and gigantic cliffs. The highest point of the island is Morro Alto, 914 meters above sea level. The resident population of 3793 inhabitants (2011), being split by the counties of Santa Cruz and Lajes das Flores. It is often regarded as the westernmost point of Europe and one of the most beautiful of the archipelago, covering up of thousands of blue-colored hydrangeas that divide the fields along the roads, in the waterfalls, on the side of the riverside and ponds... This is Flores island... I hope you enjoy the video!
  2. Hi, I'm Miguel Jeronimo, from Portugal and I own a dive center in Flores island, Azores. Beside this I love to much the videography and photography, in the water, outside and on the air. I begin scuba dive in 2010 and I have done until now 750 dives. I'm PADI Divemaster. I had: Canon EOS 400D (for timelapse) Canon HF-200 + Ikelite 6091 housing + 2x led Mangrove Videocompact VC-4L6 + flexible arm (LOC LINE) Best regards, Miguel
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