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  1. The blue to purple color shift is a very common occurance when you have the wrong settings in photoshop. By default, photoshop is set to SRGB, which has a much smaller color gammut. It tends to push the blues over to purple when you make the print out of your epson. If you use a larger working color space, your blue's will print out right. In photoshop go to Edit / Color Settings menue. In the RGB menue change it to "ColorMatch RGB" This should solve all of your future problems but you might have to convert your older images over to the new color space. Every one was having your problems when Photoshop moved from version 4 to version 5. By the way, always leave your photo's in RGB and don't convert it to CYMK. Even though all printers use CYMK, you will only get accurate colors when you print them out in a RGB color space. The printers, make the color converstions on th fly. Pluse, monitors can only show you an RGB image, so you could never try to out smart your printer by converting your image to CYMK and fixing your blues. Basicly, anything you do in CYMK can only be seen when you actually make a print and can never really be seen on an RGB monitor. Welcome to wonderful world of color management hell. If you have any more questions, give me a buzz 212-683-3131.
  2. If anyone is interested in taking Photoshop lessons, and lives in the New York City area, give me a buzz. I run a high end professional digital photography studio and I'm an Adobe Certifed Expert ®. I can show you things that could make your head spin. One of the main subjects that I'll cover is color correction. (212) 683-3131 http://www.davidkatz.com/lessons/
  3. I was looking at the back cover add in the Feb 2002 Skin Diver, and there is new digital under water camera being offered by Sealife. I was wondering what other people thought about this camera. The pixel count looks kind of low, 1.3mpx. Does anyone know who makes the camera?
  4. All I have to say is, Thank God for Light & Motion! This housing looks like its gonna be a real winner. There web site doe not mention how much nor when the product will be coming out. And they have addressed the low lighting focusing problem by attaching a focusing preview light. I'm very excited about this product.
  5. From my past expirence, the E-10 has AF problems in low lighting situations. Like you said, this is going to be a real problem underwater. It's too bad because I really like the camera. I'm sure there are 10 other things that would make this camera suck for underwater photography.
  6. I've got an E-10 (I Love it) but I need a housing. What's the deal? It seems like a popular camera, but there are no housings for it. Anyone have any ideas?.
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