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  1. I bought a 7DMKII and the Nauticam housing earlier this year, and so far really love it. camera and housing are well designed, easy to use, and AF is great. I've only done a handful of dives with them so far, but have noticed something that I wonder if anyone else has experienced: the cold shoe mount seems to somehow loosen during a dive. so far no major issue with it, but if I don't check/tighten it in between dives, it can sometimes come off after I put it back in my padded bag when I'm done for the day. seems like it needs to be looser to mount it than it does to remove it. again, it's fine if I check it regularly, but seems like there may be a slight design issue here. has this been the case for anyone else? or for previous Nauticam housings? thanks, Mark
  2. this helped me too! AF assist was still enabled and I was getting undesired pre-flashes. it looks like I can use AF assist on either "off" or "infra-red only", to prevent the camera and external strobe from pre-flashing.
  3. Hey everyone! I've been diving for about 4 years, with 75 dives under my belt, all of them in the Caribbean (St. Lucia and St. Vincent). So far I've been snapping shots with my compact Canon Elph 300 HS, and have quickly reached the limits of what I can do with it underwater. So I've decided to graduate in earnest and go with a Canon 7D Mk II and a Nauticam NA-7DII housing, under the guidance and encouragement of a few other veteran WetPixel members :-) Looking forward to learning a lot from you all!
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