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  1. Bump - Will seperate - also found optical trigger, never used.
  2. Hey all, Selling my GH5 kit. Its an amazing piece of gear. Have used it on approx 40 dives. Dome is in excellent condition. Camera and housing are in excellent condition. Some normal wear from use, see photos. Never flooded. Vacuum kit and leak alarm installed. Would prefer to sell the whole lot as a package. Located in Australia. $3,000 USD for the lot +postage. (Housing and dome alone new is slightly more than this) Aquatica GH5 Housing. Purchased 2019. AQUATICA PANASONIC GH5 OPT VERSION INCLUDES: DUAL OPTICAL BULKHEADS STANDARD VIEWFINDER SURVEYOR LEAK ALARM PORT Dome for PAN 7-14mm AQUATICA SW8 SUPER WIDE DOME WITH SHADE AQUATICA EXTENSION RING for 7-14 AQUATICA ZOOM GEAR RING for 7-14 Camera GH5 camera body Panasonic 7-14 G Vario ASPH lens to fit dome and zoom gear mentioned above. 4 x batteries and charger. Upgraded to slog profile.
  3. Update. Since this post and 2 additional emails, Caters have now made payment.
  4. @DavidCatersSo, it seems that Caters are still doing this. I have had content on Caters for months, its been sold multiple times and they have made money from my content. To cut a really long story short and a multitude of emails to caters requesting payment for my royalties, they are still not paying. Despite being constantly reassured payment will be made. Even, had one person tell me it would be made by 3pm UK time the following day. This never happened. When i mentioned this thread on Wetpixel to the Accounts Assistant this was the answer: "I can assure you those reviews are quite old and we’ve completely revamped the payment system since then. This is a one time issue that we haven’t had before and is certainly the first issue we’ve had with the payment system since those reviews. We have the payment run with your payment scheduled to go out tomorrow and that will be for the balance on your account. Please let me know if you haven’t received that by 3pm UK time and I will chase it for you. " I still haven't been paid. How hard is it to look after a contributor by making an immediate payment for royalties that have not been paid out for months! Their last excuse was this "Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I was awaiting responses from the payments team. Your payment was on the payment run we sent out last month, it seems however that the system encountered a problem while uploading and a number of payments were unfortunately missed but marked as paid. Please accept our apologies for this, I will get the team to add you to the next payment run we send out as a matter of priority." Again this never happened. How can you miss a multitude of payments and not notice it? I am really dissapointed it ended up at this. But I want to warn other people considering using caters as an agency, it seems you will NOT get paid, try Shutterstock, Adobe stock or any other microstock agency, they pay on time, every time! I am closing my account with them and removing my files.
  5. The RX-100-D-RO Buddy Phone® Receive Only unit is designed to plug into a Female E/O connector on your camera housing and feed live audio into the microphone input on your camera. The RX-100-D-RO is an excellent choice if you are seeking the least expensive way to feed live audio directly into your camera input. How it works.. The RX-100-D-RO is a modified RX-100 unit. The standard RX-100 unit sits on the side of your standard scuba face mask (over the side of your ear) and all it does is receive audio coming from another Buddy Phone, SSB-2010, or any through water communications unit that operates on Channel 1 (32.768 Khz Upper Sideband). This audio is then played through the speaker and you hear it real time. This works great for a recreational scuba diver or a scuba instructor wanting to give instruction - but we wanted to modify the RX-100 so that instead of playing the audio through the speaker it would instead route the audio out through the cable and directly into your u/w camera housing. Bring your underwater films out of the 'silent' era with this easy to use Receive Only unit. Contact your OTS Representative for more information. (The RX-100 is compatible with all OTS through water communications systems (surface and diver) and receives on Channel 1.) $300 USD (rrp$499) Shipping from Australia - Buyer pays shipping.
  6. Macro Port Still Available. Discounted to $175usd. Bargain price, used only once!
  7. Housing and dome sold. Macro port still available.
  8. Hi PT. $2050 AUD. If you want it I can put it on the Ferry across to you from Queenscliff. Cheers
  9. FOUND the vacuum pump. So it will be included in sale.
  10. Sure Fabio. Where do you want postage to? i can get a quote for postage for you.
  11. For sale. My Nauticam GH4 housing. Excellent condition. Very few minor scratches. Dome is in great condition. Macro port has only been used once. With leak detector and vacuum port. No vacuum pump with it, unless I find it before the sale. I haven't used the vacuum pump itself for a long time, I simply suck the air out before a dive. I can teach the buyer how to do this. It's much more convenient than carrying a pump with you. Nauticam Gh4 Housing - Na GH4 6" Port for 7-14 lens Macro Port 65 Nauticam P714-Z Zoom Gear Package price $1600USD Will separate if no takers on full package. Nauticam Gh4 Housing - Na GH4 - $1150 6" Port for 7-14 lens $350 Nauticam P714-Z Zoom Gear - $70 Macro Port 65 - $200 Will post anywhere international. Based in Australia. Buyer to pay postage.
  12. Hi Sure. Dropbox link to pics here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uo4w9va389sqs0x/AADCa4_tfAO4SNZWa5RCZJQKa?dl=0
  13. I just compensated for bouyance with float arms and I have 2 custom neoprene covers for it.
  14. Hi Pajjpen. I have 1 of these lights for sale now. $400usd.
  15. Elements - A highlight reel of some of my favorite places on our coast. Some of my favorite clips I have taken over the past 2 years. Panasonic GH4 with Nauticam housing DJI Phantom 3 Pro.
  16. Hi How much for the lights and the dive and see monitor? cheers
  17. Hi How much to ship to victoria australia. postcode 3226. Thanks
  18. Do you have any ports for sale with the housing? Thanks
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