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  1. What Dgfinch posted is what I am looking for. Those or any other arms that would work for ikelite strobes.
  2. Hi Looking for strobe arms for Ikleite DS 125 strobes. Looking for either Ikelite or UCLS arms. Thanks
  3. Three cord for sale One Ikelite dual sync cord Nikonos bulkhead to Ikelite DS strobes, non TTL. $180 MSRP sell for 100.00 includes shipping to US address. Two Ikelite single sync cords - Nikonos bulkhead to Ikelite strobe, non TTL. $110 MSRP sell for $85.00 includes shipping to US address. Purchased these from another member a week ago along with Ikelite strobes. I am using an Ikelite housing and do not need these cords. These look like they are in very good almost new condition with no rust or corrosion on the ends. Very little wear evident.
  4. Hi looking for a duel sync TTL cord for Ikelite housing to Ikelite DS 125 strobes. Also looking for strobe arms. Thanks
  5. I interested in the duel cord if you want to split it up.
  6. Hi I sent a PM but since the photo above looks like the stock photo from Ikelites web site can you post a photo of the actual strobes and arms you have and also one showing the serial numbers. Thanks, Lynn
  7. Looking for one or two ikelite ds125 strobes with cord and arms. Looking for strobes that have serial numbers above 5000.
  8. I am looking for a housing for my Canon 50d with or without the tray and strobes. Thanks
  9. Hi all I love to dive in Bonaire and do macro photography underwater. I am looking to enhance my skills and equipment here. At the moment I am looking for an underwater housing for a Canon 50d for my next trip.
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