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  1. Many thanks for the replies. I really need to learn Lightroom as I only use photoshop CC but I see a lot of underwater photographers rave about Lightrooms. I have it installed but as I am comfortable with Photoshop I haven't tried to get to grips with it.. I think it's time to get out of my comfort zone and learn. Again thanks for your time and I will take into consideration and try your techniques. Thanks Sean
  2. Hi all, I posted a photo to the Wetpixel Facebook group and had some feedback off an experienced photographer about the 'pinkish' look to the Manta Ray. I had failed to notice at the time of original processing that there was a slight pink look to the Manta which made the shot less realistic to what we actually see. I was hoping I just found the elusive magenta manta ray but unfortunately it was just my mistake. I am still a novice to the underwater photography world and always looking to gain experience and the post processing part is something I am working on. After the feedback I went back to the photo and took the magenta and red down and got much more realistic shots. Check out the 3 shots and where I have corrected. Many Thanks I posted
  3. Hi, My names Sean Chinn and I am relatively new to both diving and underwater photography. So gaining experience with both at the same time wasn't probably ideal but I've got to the point I can't be underwater without my camera as my interest comes from capturing a good photo of the subjects I see. I passed my open water in January 2011 in a cold quarry in the UK but didn't dive until 2012. I am now a qualified PADI Rescue Diver. It wasn't until after a holiday diving in Gili Trawangan and Bali in July 2013 that I decided I wanted to get into photography as well. I then learnt how to use my camera in Manual and add strobes to my kit. I am still looking to learn and would love to be diving more as only have 72 logged dives at the moment and struggle to get UK diving in around work. I'd rather take time off for holiday. Looking to gain knowledge from those more experienced on here and maybe go diving with some one day.
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