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  1. Jan here, just another lurker joining the ranks here. Got a gazillion pictures on disks and no idea what to do with them, but continue to hoard more everyday. Started diving a long time ago, lost count of dives done after the third computer died at around 3000 dives. Where do you live? I live in Cape Town, South Africa. Your Interests? Underwater / Marine I love big marine animals. Seals, Sharks, Rays etc. Snails and slugs belong on one of those plates with 6 holes covered with delicious Garlic butter and cheese. Topside If it looks pretty or I like it, click click... Spiders and Snakes are my favourite, I love nature and the animal kingdom and generally choose that as subjects. I don't like any man made objects and refuse to take pictures of people. What equipment do you prefer? There is only one way to shoot a shark - that is with a Canon On a more serious note. I have no preference really, if it can take a photo I will use it, and find a way to break it Equipment should not be the limitation to your creativity. Any pet peeves? Toyota drivers I'm a Land Rover guy with not just one but two broken Land Rovers. Anyway, I finally joined after reading the forum for a bit, I won't post much but do enjoy seeing techniques of people thinking out of the box.
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