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  1. I purchased a new Ikelite Housing for the Sony RX-100 the 6116.10 model and have never used it. My wife decided that she preferred the Sony RX-100ii that will not fit into the 6116.10 Housing. I need to sell the RX-100 Housing that lists for $454 from most of the outlets online including Backscatter. If you want to purchase this NEW, UNUSED and never in the water Housing for the discounted price of $299 plus whatever the shipping by USPS Priority Mail runs it is available effective 2/7/2015. Please contact Jim Bullitt by phone at (805) 234-7229 or by email at jim.bullitt@gmail.com
  2. Hello, everyone I am just getting back into diving and videography after several years on the beach. Going to Beqa Lagoon in Fii in June and need to get all my gear updated, so I will be reviewing many of the articles and classifieds to assist in getting ready. Thanks, Jim Bullitt
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