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  1. Hello all, I am not new to underwater photo/video, but I am new to using a digital camera set up, and I'm looking for any advice on the camera focusing set up for a Sony NEX with the 16mm with the VLC-ECF1 fish eye adaptor lens, inside the Nauticam housing with dome port. When I used to film using a Sony PC5 miniDV camera in a Oceanhaus housing with 120deg wide angle port, I used to focus the camera to an object in the distance, leave the camera set to manual focus, and then once inside the housing with the wide angle port, everything from about 1ft / .3m to the distance was in focus. From my testing on land, this doesn't seem to be the case with the NEX camera. The autofocus works well, but I'm concerned in case the focus starts to come in and out when filming underwater, or even worse, focuses on port if I see something in the distance. I cannot find any focus gear for the 16mm lens. Is there some for the Nauticam housing Does anyone have any focus set up tips for this set up? Settings such as centre spot, multi spot, single shot or continuous autofocus etc, or has anyone found a good set up in manual mode? Will it work to focus manually ona distance object and get stuff in focus from 1m onwards? Any help would be great fully apretiated - I'm trying to fill gaps from old techniques to the digital world! LOL! Cheers Tony
  2. Hi all, Just joing this forum, to gain any tips regarding my progression in real digital photo/video. I started diving and photography in Scotland, using a Nik III, and then moved on to a Sea&Sea Motormarine 2 - that was a fantastic leap, I used to use it with a single strobe, and always with a wide angle converter - the one you could attach underwater. I then moved to video, using a Sony PC5 miniDV camcorder in a Ocaeanhaus housing, which with its 120degree port, was perfect for the deep wreck diving I was doing. I went through various light set ups, HIDs and LEDs etc. I am now about to truly catch up, and have a Nauticam Housing for the Sony NEX5n. I intend to use it with a 16mm pancake and fisheye adaptor with a nice large dome port. As you'll see from my first technical post, I'm trying to corolate old techniques into the modern digital mode!! (Although it's probably not that simple! LOL!) Cheers Tony
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