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  1. yes mate it is please PM for info thanks
  2. https://www.zenunderwater.com/products/dp-100 new is $899.95usd Zen Glass dome for Nauticam N120 selling at only USD 480 and the condition is immaculate. You can cover the postage , item is in australia . Pay by paypal for security. From Bluewater Photo: This is a small 4-inch glass dome port for use with the Tokina 10-17mm or Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens on Nauticam housings. For close-focus wide angle work, Zen Underwater is turning conventional 'big dome' wisdom on its ear with a new 100mm (4") dome port. Designed specifically for the Nikon DX AF Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED and the Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 DX zoom, the DP-100 allows the photographer to get in close where a large dome just won't go for stunning close focus wide angle images. As an added bonus, at only 340g (12oz.), the DP-100 fisheye dome port offers welcome relief to the luggage bloat of dive photo travel and the ever increasing expense associated with checking large heavy camera systems. Small and Lightweight Great for close-focus wide angle photography Includes Front Dome Cap Underwater Photos from the Zen 100mm glass dome for the Tokina fisheye The Zen 4-inch glass dome for the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens is awesome. Zen makes versions for almost any housing brand, including Ikelite, Sea & Sea, Nauticam, Hugyfot and more. It is difficult to scratch (unlike the regular port), very small for travel, light underwater, very sharp, and it allows me to place my dome in small places where a larger dome would interfere with the subject. I like to get REALLY CLOSE to my close-focus wide-angle subjects, and the ZEN 4-inch dome let's me do that. Lighting the subject is easier than when I use a larger dome, and I like not having to use an extension ring. The only disadvantage is that you can't do over/under shots. That, and the fact that there is no good neoprene cover that will stay on the port. So protect your port! I recommend this setup for both cropped-sensor and full-frame dSLRs - Scott Gietler
  3. Hi mate , yes its Nauticam N120 and the postage will cost AUD $42.20 to Spain with Auspost standard post
  4. I have a DP-100 Zen dome in immaculate condition for 600 AUD (420 USD) , I accept Paypal and postage paid by buyer Item in Queensland Australia.
  5. Totally brand new in a box. Subsee 10+ $300 AUD + postage from Cairns , Queensland , Australia (buyer pay) I accept paypal payment
  6. Hi im interested , is it still available ? can email me please leonardlele @ yahoo . com
  7. anyone has this to sell? thanks email : l eo n ar d l e le@ y a hoo .com
  8. Price lowered down to $1950 USD PM if interested. cheers
  9. Hi all price lowered >>> Nauticam Housing for D800/D800E and Nauticam Flash trigger Housing is in perfect condition, never leaked or flood. asking $2100 USD neg + postage
  10. Hi is the dome still available?
  11. Mate , I'm interested in the 8 inch acrylic dome . Can you please send a photo of the dome and the scratch please? Thanks
  12. Nauticam Flash Trigger for Nikon D800 is included (worth $335 AUD)
  13. wow this is such a good buy !
  14. Selling NA-D800 housing in immaculate condition. never leaked or flood before. comes with moisture alarm, spare O rings asking for AUD $3000 nett ( USD 2335 ) might have a Nikon D800E to bundle with this sale if you are interested
  15. Selling only Nauticam NA-D800 housing with Flash Trigger for $3000AUD net (around 2325USD)
  16. Housing comes with moisture alarm, spare O ring. Check the sacrificial anodes, you can tell this unit is hardly used. Very well cared after housing that never had any issues. ask for most recent photos taken with the D800E.
  17. price lowered on this bundle to $4600 AUD ( around $3620 USD) - Nauticam NA-D800 housing in immaculate condition - Nikon D800E body - Zen DP230 glass dome 9 inch (has a scratch and hazing on sides of the dome, condition 6-7/10) - Nauticam Flash Trigger for D800 - 64 GB CF card 120mb/s , L bracket plate for D800 worth $150, 2 original batteries Paypal preferred for easy and safe purchase. Item located in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Buyer pays postage. contact: leonardlele@yahoo dot com
  18. includes spare O ring as well. The 2 sacrificial anodes on the base of the housing are still in top condition. This indicates the amount of use and time in the water of this housing.
  19. This Nauticam NA-800 housing is in immaculate condition. Your chance to own this brilliant piece of engineering. Ergonomic features of Nauticam include joystick to scroll diagonally, Nauticam buttons are placed at an angle for use with the least effort. I prefer the wider surface area on these Nauticam buttons because your soft wet fingers will appreciate it after being in the water for hours. The convenient thumb button for playback and ISO is a joy to use. Nauticam has very responsive trigger (well maintained, just changed the spring) and back focus thumb button. The housing is equiped with a moisture alarm. This setup has never experienced a leak or flood before. the rubber grips sheds a bit of 'skin' , merely a cosmetic thing D800E body. Better than the D800. The E is without the AA filter to produce sharper images. 36MP sensor. Still a very powerful and reliable camera. slight scuff marks underside of the camera from harness wear. Very well cared after camera always stored in dry cabinet. Please ask for most recent photos from this camera to see its incredible detail. 64GB CF extreme 120mb/s Card + 2 original Nikon Batteries + third party D800 Battery Grip Optical Flash Trigger is undoubtedly necessary to push this setup to its limits. Faster , longer and more responsive burst fire for the strobes. Also, save battery power using flash trigger. $395 AUD L base plate customised for D800. this is a solid piece of CNC base plate for tripod. very good for shooting landscapes , easy switch to portrait. Acca swiss. This is already worth $150 AUD Bundle includes a Zen Glass Dome DP230. Note: has a scratch in the middle and hazing from the glass on the sides. Still produce incredible photos, please ask for photos, you can hardly see the scratch only if you shoot really straight directly against the sun. This dome is worth more than $2K AUD Total bundle: $5100 AUD everything except Zen Glass Dome: $4600 AUD buyer pays for postage and PayPal surcharge. Item based in Cairns, Queensland, Australia email : leonardlele A T yahoo D O T C O M
  20. Hi all, Inon 400USD vs Nauticam 1150USD Wonder if anybody out there got experience with these 2 viewfinders and how they match up against each other? - is the magnification/ size of screen the same for both viewfinders - how much inferior is the Inon for the amount of price difference please share your experiences . much appreciated ! Leo
  21. Hi mate, im interested , can u email me at leonardlele@yahoo.com with some better photos please? the metallic finish on the viewfinder looks worn out, can u send a few clearer photos of the glass and the viewfinder finish. thank u so much . cheers
  22. looking for Nauticam nikon flash trigger and 180 viewfinder , please quote a price to my email leonardlele@yahoo.com thanks
  23. hi, im interested in the 2 - Nauticam Focus Gear for Nikon 105mm macro (for nikon 105mmVR? - Nauticam Zoom Gear for 16-35mm Wide Angle Zoom can u email me at leonardlele@yahoo.com to deal ? thanks
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