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  1. It's so heartening to see so many of you underwater mariners concerned with marine life and sharks. You opened my eyes, I had no idea there were so many restaurants in the US serving the vile soup. I immediately started writing scathing reviews of restaurants right here in Florida that serve it. I am livid that so many people are so ignorant of, or uncaring of, the wanton slaughter of millions of sharks worldwide just so a few idiots can have a stupid tasteless bowl of soup. AHRG!!
  2. These people should themselves be skinned and handbags made of their flesh. Gandhi said: "The Greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated" What would that say about the great country of China and it's oriental cousins?
  3. My Ikeite 8in. dome came with its own cover, but it's next to useless, as I can hardly get it to easily cover the lens. It should easily stretch over the dome, it's made of neoprene but has very little stretch.
  4. Crap, Adam you're correct, I just learned my DX camera will not autofocus with this lens and it's why I've been pre-focussing for underwater photography.(and controlling the zoom) But my pics are still a bit soft at all distances, so it's not my set focus. I still believe my lens does not fall in behind the 8in dome at the proper distance. Anyone else using this set-up in Ikelite housing? Thanks guys
  5. Wow! you guys are doing awesome work. Here's my problem, I just started using the Tokina 10-17 in an Ikelite housing and my photos don't look as sharp as what I see here, I'm using the recommended 5510.11 (2.75in) extension but I believe my lens protrudes into the 8in. dome a bit too far (?) Also, my 10-17 is not auto-focus, I had no idea when I ordered it, I thought they all were. Any ideas? the next extension is 3.5 in. What are you all using with ikelite housing? Any help would be great. Thanks. Xman
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