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  1. Hello there, I'm interested in buying everything except the arms and clamps. Maybe the Three of us could make some kind of deal!!! Michael.
  2. Hi, interested in the camera, housing, macro and wide angle lenses. If Sinetwo want to buy the tray clamps and arms. How much in $ ?
  3. Is this still available??? Very interested.
  4. Hello there, do you have battery, charger and sd cards for the camera? Also could you please find out how much the shipping to the island of Saba would be ( Saba, Dutch Caribbean, Netherlands Antilles ). Thank you. Michael.
  5. Hello there, interested. $1200.00 for the complete package, to include S & S cables. Could you find out the shipping cost to the island of Saba. Saba, Dutch caribbean. Thank you. Michael.
  6. Hello LAUE, I'm interested in your set up. Would you consider $2500.00 plus international shipping? if yes, could you find out how much is shipping to : Saba, Dutch Caribbean. Thank you. Michael. PS. do you have any lenses for it? Cheers.
  7. Hello there, $1200.00 plus shipping to Saba, Dutch caribbean, Netherlands Antilles. Cheers, Michael.
  8. Hello there, do you have the dual cable for the strobes? cheers, Michael.
  9. Is everything in the picture on your website included in the 1200? The strobes? Cheers, Michael.
  10. Hello there, I'm very interested in this package. Are you willing to ship to the Caribbean Netherlands. My shipping address is: Windwardside, Saba Dutch caribbean. Netherlands Antilles. If you're willing to do so, could you let me know how much is for the shipping and if you take pay pal ? Thank you very much. Michael.
  11. Hello there, I'm interested in the whole package, to include the camera and the 15mm. What is the best you could do? Also, I live in the Dutch caribbean, my shipping address is : Windwardside, Saba. Dutch caribbean. Netherlands Antilles. Could please find out how much the shipping would be and what the fastest way to get it. Thank you very much for your help. Michael,
  12. Hello there, I'm interested in the camera, housing, viewfinder and the Three ports. I live on the island of Saba, in the Netherlands Antilles (Dutch caribbean) Would you take $2300 plus shipping? I will pau with pay pal. Cheers, Michael. PS. would you check on the shipping for me please.
  13. No, but I do have US address. How much is it for the whole package in USD $ ? Thank you. Michael.
  14. Hello there, I live in the Netherlands Antilles, could you please check on the shipping for the complete package. And if you let me know how much would it be in USD $ for the whole set up and shipping with insurance. Thank you very much for the listing and your help. Michael.
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