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  1. Hi guys, Selling my Aquatica 5d mark II housing with dome and extension. There’s not much I need to say, this housing sells itself. The sturdy body and ergonomics of the housing gives it a huge advantage in the water. Selling the housing as I am upgrading camera bodys. The dome has a small cosmetic rub on it; however it has no effect to the image so it’s never bothered me. Contents- (B&H photo retail pricing) Aquatica 5d mark II housing - ( $3,359.95) Aquatica port extension Ring 18457- ($299.95) Aquatica 8” dome port w/ shade- ($546.00) –fits the canon 16-35mm and 24-105mm Aquatica 8” dome shade ($136.00) Aquatica 8” dome neopreme dome and shade cover ($58.95) Aquatica 8” dome neopreme cover ($28.95) Aquatica lens zoom scroll ring – Pelican box – (~$125) Total value - ~$4553.85 I’m selling the entire rig as a set (w/ the pelican case) The housing works great and anyone who scores this great deal will be stoked. I’m selling the entire package for $2,800. No strobes or lights. PM me for photos. I'm located in Hawai'i, so there will be an expense for shipping added to the cost depending on where you will be buying from. Let me know if you have any questions. I also have a 5d mark II body that's in great condition. PM me if interested.
  2. Hi all, Kaoru Lovett - Diving in Oahu, Hawaii. Glad to be a part of this community
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