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  1. Mark, Very cool video. What drone are you flying? Curious minds want to know. Best, Craig Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Cleaning out the closet. I have a used Inon UWL-100 type 1 screw on underwater wide angle optic for sale. There are small scratches on the front element which are not apparent on images. Clean rear element. Underwater, this increases angle of view to 100.5 degrees; above water to 158.5. Rugged 5 elements in 4 groups. Use and rub marks on the body. Comes with a dual lens M67 lens holder for Ultra Lite type arms. $90 PayPal with free shipping to US residents. I’ll email images if you’re interested.
  3. Agreed. There’s no fisheye or a macro as far as I know. But I would be interested in the 20-60mm because that covers the range I typically use in m43.
  4. I haven’t looked at the S series cameras closely enough at this point. But the out-the-door costs of the bodies alone, plus housing them, is quite a lot of this is just a hobby. The lenses may hold some promise but I’d like to see users weigh in.
  5. I’m eagerly awaiting housing manufacturers to jump on this, driven in part on sales. I think the camera fills a gap in the Panasonic lineup.
  6. Any interest in the new full frame S5 from Panasonic? Also, I like the idea of a 20-60mm for general point and shooting underwater.
  7. You can have the housing retrofitted with the proper electric bits to fit the M16 vacuum. Quite expensive as I recall and not worth the cost, though I had that done. That’s a great price for the kit. The 12-50 port and gear is over $900 new.
  8. I think I’ll do it myself next time. This go-round was certainly an eye-opener.
  9. Reef Photo says $590 is the price for servicing the Nauticam NA EM1 mark2. Bummer.
  10. The servicing kit is $300 and the labor is $300. It’s apparently just the usual service: remove all the bits, clean, lube, adjust. It was under $200 if memory serves for the several housings I had serviced. What’s everyone else paying these days? This is from Backscatter in Monterrey.
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